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This was a fun, relatively quick hike in Yosemite. The path is mostly paved, and it is pretty steep. The view the entire way is so gorgeous - so it's worth it for sure!

Super unique rock/cliff formations & an awesome view over the lagoon and out to the ocean at the top! Avoid when the trail might be wet/during rainy weather (hardly ever in SD anyways). Usually not too busy & super doable as an after work / weekday evening hike!

Grandview is the best - always a little less busy than other Encinitas/Leucadia beaches, and so beautiful! Surfing is great & good for beginners because it’s a mellow crowd. If you’re looking to hangout on the beach definitely try to go at mid-low tide. There isn’t much sand at high tide and you don’t want to sit right next to the cliffs.

Beacons beach is one of my go-to’s in North County. Even when it’s night ride there is usually still some sand to be found (away from the cliffs)! Great for photos, a walk or run, or even just parking lot hangs with a coffee!!

We did this hike in late October on a Saturday morning. It was only about a 15min. drive from Denver, and there was plenty of parking in the lot - even on a Saturday! The hike had a nice incline at the start, but it doesn't last too long - the perfect warm up. This loop takes you up the side of the hill (great views of the greater Denver/Golden area) and then down into a small gully. When we were there the trees still had some color and the way down had plenty to see! Definitely be aware of the hiking vs. biking days (hiking is allowed on odd numbered days and biking is allowed on even numbered days). Dogs are allowed! Highly recommend for a quick hike! A great way to get out on a trail & still have a ton of time in your day.