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Short Hike to Abiqua Falls

Silverton, Oregon

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1 miles

Elevation Gain

180 ft

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Added by Whitney Whitehouse

Take a short hike to one of Oregon's most scenic waterfalls (92 feet). It's helpful to drive to the trailhead in a 4x. 4 and necessary in the winter months.

This trail is unmarked and a little rough and rugged. The land is privately owned by Mount Angel Abbey, but they don't appear to have problems with courteous hikers. Walking out of the parking area back up the road in the direction you came from, you’ll pass one dirt trail right at the ending of the parking area. Look about a little further down the road (~100 feet) and find the second trail – this is the one you want. After hiking down a steep part of the trail, you’ll hit the creek. Head upstream along the creek to get to the falls. As you get close to the falls, you’ll have to climb over logs and boulders.

This is also an amazing spot to capture photos during the winter. Make sure that if you choose to go here in the snowy months that you have a 4x4 vehicle to get you to the trailhead.

For directions on how to get to the parking area:Use a GPS to get you to the town of Scotts Mills, from there you'll want to turn south on Crooked Finger road. You'll go about 9.5 miles down that road, the pavement will end and you'll want to keep going. Once the dirt road starts you'll drive another 1.4 miles until you come to a dirt road on the right that is marked with some writing on a piece of wood on a tree - it reads CF 300. After you're on CF 300 drive straight at every junction until you get to a parking area about 2.5 miles downhill. The road is pretty rough and you'll think you're going the wrong way, but keep going :) you'll know you're at the end when you reach a locked gate.

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For anyone currently looking to do this falls, keep in mind it is closed off by the landowners due to dangerous conditions left by the Labor Day fires.

In my opinion this is one of the most unique waterfalls in Oregon! One tip: make sure you either drive a truck or something that would do ok with huge potholes or park at the top before even hitting the trail (but that would make the hike extremely far).

Went in the middle of February so it was still super muddy. It’s a little unclear where the road ends and trail starts but it’s trafficked enough to where you will end up seeing the start. Steep decent but there’s a rope to help you out. In dry conditions it won’t be too bad. The rock structures that run above the river on both sides are awesome, not too mention the actual falls. It’s close to Portland so it’s well worth it. One of my favorite waterfalls in Oregon.

The waterfall is amazing. Please note the short hike is treacherous in the winter months. After a solid rain fall, I highly suggest hiking shoes. The mud has loosen sturdy rocks making footing challenging but doable. There are a number of trails that lead to the Abiqua creek from the parking area. Once Parked, I suggest beginner/intermediate hikers to stay on the left trail. It will be gradual. The right trail is extremely steep (similar to a face of a cliff) and there was a warning on a web site that says “people have fallen recently as 2017.” Getting half way down on the right side trail made me understand why. Experienced hikers should proceed with caution. Once you walk along the creek a ways you hear the roaring of the falls and you are able to escape into nature’s beauty.

Super rad spot, definitely bring your camera! Went here early August 2017 and the trail is still marked by a sign saying something along the lines of: ATV trail, recreation area no shooting. The road isn't too bad, but still would recommend a AWD! The distance to the gate was closer to 3 miles according to my GPS, definitely feels like the wrong trail after about 2 miles, but stick with it!! The reward is overwhelming beautiful.

Headed here in mid-July 2017, and was rewarded with beautiful waterfall views and no one else around (albeit I went mid week). The road is fairly obvious and follow it down as at as you comfortably can, without a 4x4 though I'd take others advice and park about 1.5 miles in, and walk the last mile or so to the trail head. The hike itself is less than a mile to the falls, and takes only a short but steep stroll down a ravine.

The directions here are excellent. The turn-off from the unpaved road was exactly 1.4 miles from where the pavement ended. But we didn't see a sign marking CF 300. This was in July of 2017. There was a large, free-standing sign that said "Crooked Finger ATV Trail System" and "Safety Zone, No Shooting." The 2.5-mile drive to the trailhead is not only rock (I wouldn't do it in anything but a 4x4), but overgrown. You may scratch your car if you're not careful. Roads are very narrow and if you meet another car coming head on, one of you may have to back up to where the road is wider. It's worth parking at 1.5 or even 2 miles and hiking in. The falls are gorgeous. Well worth the trip. We did this with our 7-year-old, and she managed it just fine.

The directions given on this page were spot on and we had no problem finding the "easy" trail. I had my two physically fit daughters with me, ages 7 &9. We also brought along our mellow lab pup since we were going so deep into an area I was unfamiliar with. We found the road there to be bumpy and rough in a few places but not as bad as people had posted about last summer. It appears as though they have done quite a bit of work on the gravel road since then. Our Suburban had no problem and chugged along just fine. Small SUV's would also be fine but people in cars were parking up to 1.5 miles up from the trail head and walking in. I was more concerned about the brush on the sides of the road and the possibility of meeting oncoming traffic on such a narrow gravel road. Once there, we found a place to park and headed out. The easier trail was steep at times but nothing I'd consider extreme. My girls maneuvered it just fine on their own and I was able to do it with a pup on a leash. I only held on to the ropes a few times just to keep my balance. There was a lot of going over and/or under logs, especially when we got to the path along the creek. Bonus...the easier trail is shaded the entire way until you reach the creek. Once we arrived at the falls, we took in the view (stunning, peaceful and oh so worth the hike in!!), enjoyed a snack with water and explored the area around us. We stayed for a little over 2 hours. Like others mentioned, the earlier you arrive, the less people you will run into. We left the falls on a Friday at around 2pm and it was starting to fill up. Probably 16 visitors vs. the 2 we that were there when we arrived a few hours before. Coming out was of course much more difficult. Well...not for my kiddos or pup but for this not so in shape mama. It's about 10 minutes of up, up, up followed by 5 minutes of mostly flat then you're back to the parking lot. I was the only one who stopped for a rest in my group. Kiddos and pup had no problem. We did use the ropes to come up the trail but mostly for fun and not out of necessity like the harder trail. Once back to the car we headed out and enjoyed the gorgeous view. Notes: No cell service so take screenshots of directions or print them to take with you. We packed my phone (camera), 1 water bottle each, light snacks, a knife and a small first aid kit. Girls wore water sandals and I wore tennis shoes. We all hiked out with wet feet and none of us had troubles with that so GET YOUR FEET WET if you go on a hot day like us. As for bringing small kiddos...sure, if they are used to hiking and you are physically able to carry them up very steep inclines at times, go for it. I would have taken our girls when they were younger if my husband was there to help. As for hiking this while pregnant...sure, if you are physically fit and hiking is your thing. This is not an easy stroll so you'll likely spend some time trying very hard not to fall and hurt yourself or your baby. You will have to climb over or under 6ish fallen trees. Also, you are pretty far off the beaten path should you require medical treatment. Don't go on a hot day and be sure to find the easier trail!

Would you recommend this to so.eone who is pregna t? Also bringing a 2 year old?

I visited the falls in early January. Since the road in was covered in a bit of snow, I parked in the main lot. This made the trek to the falls a bit more confusing and likely took longer than it normally would in the spring or summer months. However, once I got to the short trail which leads to the falls, it was smooth sailing. The falls are absolutely stunning in the winter and probably less busy than the summer months. I went around 9am on a Thursday and had the place to myself for a solid 45 minutes.

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