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Sir Boss

This is a favorite hike for experiencing the desert without driving too far out of town. The end rewards you with a seasonal stream/waterfall and scrambling around the boulders at the end is always fun.

I did a portion of Bear Jaw spring 2020 and came back to do the whole loop Oct. 2021. I absolutely love this area. You will definitely find solitude on this trail- it is the perfect escape to experience the beauty of northern AZ. Wind in the aspens, deer & chipmunk sightings, and fresh thin mountain air. The dirt road is quite bumpy with rocks and tree roots. I have seen sedans make it, but I would suggest something with a little more clearance. You gain elevation quickly and we went through patches of snow and ice in late October. Bring layers- there was strong wind and the cold will bite if you take a break. Bring good shoes, like all AZ, it is very rocky. trekking poles came in handy. Cannot recommend this trail enough!