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I'm a Web Developer, Photographer, Travel Lover and Bigfoot Believer from Minnesota, eh! =)

This is a beautiful park, but where these pictures are taken from it's not encouraged to be going in that area as there are signs that say no trespassing. To preserve this area I would encourage everyone to follow the rules & signs that are posted.

The year of 2017 the park is requiring a pass to enter MT. Edith Cavell area. They are building a new bigger parking lot and are limiting the amount of vehicles up per day. 180 during 4 different time slots. It's first come first serve at the info center in town between 8-10am...you can get two days in advance. Beautiful spot and only saw a few others!

Easy little hike to a stunning little waterfall! Recommended if your in the area!

This waterfall is pretty amazing to see... go on a sunny day and you'll get a rainbow to top it off!

The sand here is amazing. Makes for a great sunset spot, I recommend going to the end of the pier and visiting the pelicans while you watch the sun go down! :)

I did a 3 hour snorkel tour. I recommend just finding the cheapest tour you can as they all go to the same spots really. Going more in winter you have better chances to see them as in March they start making their way back to the gulf. You have to let them come to you, so there is a chance you may not see one up close to touch. I was lucky enough that a young one swam up to me and played with us for about 10 minutes. Letting us touch him, rolled over for a belly rub. It was absolutely incredible! Bring your go pro and hit record!

If you happen to get lucky with weather, you'll be in for a treat! We were prepared with rain gear and hiked down the bright angel trail a little ways. After the storm passed a beautiful rainbow stretched across the canyon.The icing on the cake...we crossed paths with a big horn sheep on the trail. Epic Stop!

At times you feel like you are on a different planet. Make sure to give yourself the entire day to drive though the park so you don't feel rushed to skip things to get through it all. Lots of wildlife and unique landscapes! Yellow Mounds was my favorite!

This ended up being one of my favorite stops on a trek I did around Northern Arizona and Southern Utah, and it was the one place I didn't think we needed to spend much time at. I was wrong. This place is amazing! It doesn't mention it in the adventure but it does cost $20 to enter the park and it's good for 7 days. If you don't have AWD or 4WD, pay attention to flash flooding warnings before embarking on the scenic drive, seriously. Once your done with trek, I recommend going on a horseback adventure around the monuments. John Wayne style! =)

Makes you feel like you're on another planet! It doesn't take to long so if you're in the park, I recommend it!

Explored this near end of winter, makes for a really pretty scene. Bring snowshoes and hike the lower path!

This is probably one of my favorite north shore hikes! Bring a lunch and have a picnic at the top!

This is a stunning waterfall, no doubt. It's just to busy for my liking. Go very early to avoid this.

Amazing waterfall. Don't forget your wide angle lens or pano feature. Be careful once you go off the path there's no railings or anything to protect you.

If you're in the area, you should make time for this park. One of the bests!

Loved this hike. Was perfect distance where it didn't wear you out but gave you the sense of accomplishment! If it's foggy and sun is about to break, have camera ready for some epic sun rays in the woods!

Amazing beach and rock formations. Go during low tide to get closer to haystack rock and see some ocean life as well!

This place is incredible! Fall colors were amazing, lots of people tho. Well worth the visit!

Made this quick little pit stop on a coast drive and ended with up staying longer because we spotted whales! Must stop, if you're in the area! These whales don't migrate, they stay all year round. The town of depoe bay call them "their" whales.

Was a fun area to make a stop away from the crowds. It is a good agate picking spot. Added bonus, saw a couple seals!

Wasn't able to find trail head. Not sure if it was apart of the daily $5 fee from the other park. Need clearer instructions.

A stop you should make if you're on the north shore. The wayside parking lot could easily be overlooked as its not one of the big popular spots, but it's a hidden little gem. Easy for everyone!

The beach and lagoon is beautiful and conveniently located near campground. Rent a canoe and paddle the lagoon or Lake Superior. $10 an hour/honor system. If you're looking for a more secluded campsite or if you are not an early riser, I recommend reserving one of their secluded campsites. The camp ground can get noisy in the morning.

It's the 6th longest cave in the world and they are still discovering more passage ways every year... about 3 miles a year. I highly recommend taking a tour. I'd like to go back and try the wild cave tour where crawling is required.