Trevor Cox

I am passionate about challenging myself to love better, explore more, and seek new adventures. I would describe myself as an avid explorer. I love to bring people along with me, and I'm always on the hunt for my personal next frontier.

If you're staying in the Santa Barbara area for a few days, or doing a weekend trip, hike here! A local favorite is to hike up, then head to the ocean for a dunk.

This hike is in the "Top 50 Hikes in California" book. It's definitely worthy of being in there. Make sure to check this hike out. Just after winter is pretty incredible, as you'll find the creeks are still just slightly frozen over, or you may even find some snow!

Definitely an easy stop if you're driving the 33. It's quick, and a cool sight! Be careful around the base, as it's slippery!

Thanks for the write up, very descriptive. I've always loved this hike, and the fun waterholes!

I live in Ojai, and we still hike up here all the time. If you're in the area, or looking for a fun day trip, head up!

Awesome write-up. Point Dume is too cool, beachside climbing.. and I mean LITERALLY beachside climbing. Love the first photo, that crazy guy is always there Aussie rappelling.

Cool photo opportunities, cool secret-camping and an awesome place to check out if you're in Big Sur.

I've been hiking this trail since I was 6 years old with my family. Still each year when I visit Yosemite, it's a must-do. Great adventure post, thanks!

If you're trekking through the area, Poon Hill is a must do. Get an early start (like, very early) and head up! Thanks for the addition!

Great write up. I got to trek this loop in 2014. I loved stopping at all the little inns along the way and spending time with locals. Brings back memories.

Absolutely incredible. I went here with my 7 groomsmen for my bachelor party. You can't beat the view, the campsites, (though lacking most basic amenities) and the sunset. This is a must do if you're going to Big Sur.