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San Bernardino County, California

Looking for the best hiking in San Bernardino County? We've got you covered with the top trails, trips, hiking, backpacking, camping and more around San Bernardino County. The detailed guides, photos, and reviews are all submitted by the Outbound community.

Top Hiking Spots in and near San Bernardino County

  • Crestline, California

    Hike the Heart Rock Trail

    1.8 mi
    This short but nice hike near Crestline, CA in the San Bernadino Forest is one for the whole family. Although finding the trailhead/parking lot can be a bit confusing, it is definitely worth it.  Driving in from the Inland Empire/LA Area, follow The Rim of the World Trail (SH18) until you see the...
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  • Lytle Creek, California

    Old CC Spur Trail via Big Tree Cucamonga Rd

    5.11 mi / 1138 ft gain
    Old CC Spur Trail via Big Tree Cucamonga Rd is an out-and-back trail that takes you by a waterfall located near Fontana, California.
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  • Redlands, California

    Run the Carriage Trail

    2.5 mi / 300 ft gain
    There is room to park just off San Timoteo Road. On the other side of the trail is more parking off Alessandro. You can park your car on either side and start your run/walk/bike ride. This is a nice little "get away" trail to take a break from suburbia. 
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  • Riverside, California

    Hike Two Trees Trail

    2.5 mi / 977 ft gain
    Parking is free at the trailhead, but there is only room for approximately five cars. The trailhead is on the edge of a neighborhood, so you can park there if needed. From the parking lot, head west, and immediately veer right and across the bridge. If you go left at the first fork, you can stay ...
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  • San Bernardino County, California

    Aztec Falls

    1.23 mi / 16 ft gain
    From Lake Arrowhead, take the 173 to Hook Creek Road until you dead end onto Squint Ranch Road. Take a right at the first fork in the road, and park in the lot for Splinters Cabin. The dirt road can be a bit rocky and might not be the best for small cars. Once you're there, be sure to display you...
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  • San Bernardino County, California

    Deep Creek Hot Springs via Bradford Ridge

    4.75 mi / 1335 ft gain
    Located in the San Bernardino National Forest and part of the Pacific Crest Trail, the Deep Creek Hot Springs are a relaxing site for those of us without access to a Jacuzzi. There are at least 4 pools of hot (not just warm) water that you can soak in with your fellow neighbor (who may or may not...
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  • Riverside, California

    Hike Mt. Rubidoux

    2.7 mi / 500 ft gain
    Featuring over 161 acres and over 3.5 miles of combined paved and dirt trails, Mount Rubidoux Park in Riverside, CA is a beautiful natural environment and adventure location. Although some say this is just a "hill", this Inland Empire gem offers a quick escape from the pace of city life. Just m...
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  • Apple Valley, California

    Deep Creek Hot Springs

    3.64 mi / 948 ft gain
    Deep Creek Hot Springs is nestled along the Mojave River at an elevation of 3,000 feet in the San Bernardino Mountains. This year-round mineral water retreat consists of three pools the size of large hot tubs, that range in temperature from around 96 degrees in the first pool to 102 in the third....
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  • Forest Falls, California

    Summit Mt. San Bernardino from Angelus Oaks

    16 mi / 4775 ft gain
    The trailhead is somewhat 'interesting' to get to given the dirt roads are in questionable shape and some of the roads in Angelus Oaks are not easily identifiable but I didn't have any problems finding it by closely following Google Maps.    Trailhead parking requires an Adventure Pass parking pe...
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  • Angelus Oaks, California

    San Bernardino Peak

    15.82 mi / 4911 ft gain
    The San Bernadino Peak Trail out of Angelus Oaks is a very challenging hike, which can either be done as a day hike or an overnight trip. Free permits are required for day hiking and overnights in the San Gorgonio Wilderness. These permits can be accessed via Sgwa.org/permits.  If you choose to ...
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  • Fawnskin, California

    Castle Rock Trail at Big Bear Lake

    2.7 mi / 719 ft gain
    Follow the directions to the trail head, and park on the side of the road. You will see a sign that says Castle Rock Trail, and the path is directly behind that sign. The hike up to the peak is steep, sandy, and very rocky, so shoes with good traction is recommended. There are also lots of oak a...
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  • Mount Baldy, California

    Mt. San Antonio (Mt. Baldy) via the Ski Hut Trail

    9.7 mi / 3990 ft gain
    Mt. San Antonio, or Mt. Baldy as it is known locally, is one of the cans of the challenging "six-pack of peaks" in Southern California. For this one, start before the Manker campground and head up the fire road. This is known as the "Baldy Bowl or Ski-Hut Trail". You'll see some cabins on your l...
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  • Mount Baldy, California

    Cucamonga Peak via Icehouse Canyon

    11.13 mi / 4157 ft gain
    Start hiking early, before the sun rises so you can maximize the day out of the heat and to give yourself plenty of time for the hike. As you get to higher elevations, it will be a little cooler and there might be snow on the ground, so be sure to pack layers. This hike requires a permit. If yo...
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  • Mount Baldy, California

    Icehouse Saddle via Icehouse Canyon Trail

    6.62 mi / 2562 ft gain
    The hike is accessible in all seasons, but in winter there can be snow and ice so special equipment may be useful, but not required. In mid-January there were patches of ice on the trail but were easily crossed in boots and trainers. You can take the trail and end at Ice house Saddle or continue ...
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  • Mount Baldy, California

    Ontario Peak and Cucamonga Peak via Icehouse Canyon Trailhead

    16.22 mi / 5610 ft gain
    We started out at 8am on a Sunday, usually parking at Ice House Saddle can be tricky, I would advise going earlier. We headed out on our journey hiking up to the saddle, when you reach the switchbacks there is a fresh water spring, it's the last place you can get water...so stock up! We pressed o...
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  • Mount Baldy, California

    Cedar Glen Camp

    4.88 mi / 1650 ft gain
    Cedar Glen Camp is a great beginner backpacking trip just outside of Los Angeles, California. Starting from the Icehouse Trailhead (also used for Cucamonga Peak), head out on the Icehouse Canyon Trail from the parking area. The trail will intersect with the Chapman Trail, at which point, you'll t...
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