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Photograph the Mysterious False Kiva, Canyonlands National Park, Utah

Moab, Utah

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Added by Greg Harlow

False Kiva is not on the maps of Canyonlands National Park in order to keep vandalism at a minimum. A mysterious and strategic habitat of ancient Native Americans.

There is much debate over what False Kiva is.  This mysterious circular structure of rocks could be a ceremonial or religious altar,  or just a bored and creative ancestor.  

This hike is only available through local knowledge (or tips from the internet),  and it is a completely unmarked path,  leading to a moderate to difficult 2.6 mile hike.  

It is a very special place,  you will likely have it to yourself.  I hung out here alone for over an hour.  The mind wanders as you can see where the sleeping quarters were dug out,  completely sheltered in all directions but the entrance.  

 False Kiva is strategically tucked underneath a huge archway, probably close to a hundred feet high, and a football field long.  

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Photograph the Mysterious False Kiva, Canyonlands National Park, Utah Reviews

Trail is unmarked so have a good sense of direction or a GPS unit.

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