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Zach L

Great hike with multiple options from a single trailhead. We climbed up past Granite Lake to Maggie’s Peak and on the return took the trail over to Cascade Falls and back. Trail is a nice steady climb to the saddle above Granite, then a short steep push to Maggie’s. Great views of South Lake and Desolation Wilderness from the summit. Lots of lakes visible from the different viewpoints including Dicks, Azure, Cascade, Fallen Leaf, Granite, Eagle, and others. There’s some free parking along the road across from the Inspiration Point parking lot (which is $10 for 30+ minutes), it probably fills up early but there were openings at 3pm.

Easy to get to and a great place to bring family and friends who are visiting. Short stretch of dirt road beyond the payment to get here but there’s a parking area with restrooms and a paved trail. Especially neat on a cold morning when all the steam is rising off the hot sites.

If you just go to the entrance of the subway this is a lot of hiking for a small scenic section (still worth it). But, if you climb up the sloping wall on the right side before the waterfall (hand line or rope needed), you can venture back into the canyon a bit and it’s so much more of an adventure! Thanks Dave, Dane, and Chuck for bringing a hand line so we could get up into it and explore more. Also, keep an eye out for the fossilized dinosaur tracks on the big white rock on the trail in.

Great hike overlooking Bartley Ranch. Neat entrance to the park with the covered bridge and the historic school. Trail makes a loop with the lower portion passing along the amphitheater and along an old railroad and the upper portion following along Lakeside Drive. Could also park at the Lakeside Drive lookout and make the loop. One of the fences in Bartley Ranch is in the shape of the state of Nevada which is neat.

Short hike with a fairly significant incline, at least as far as the split with Lembert Dome, then it gets a little easier. The lake was pretty but the mosquitoes were terrible, cover up or wear bug spray if you're visiting during mosquito season. I'd recommend Lembert Dome over Dog Lake if you're choosing one, otherwise tackle both on a single hike. Plenty of parking and there are bathrooms at the trailhead.

I didn't get down into the canyons but explored them from the top. The drive off the highway takes a bit since you have to go out and circle around the end of black point. The hike up from the parking area is soft and a bit steep but once you get on top it's fun to climb around and peer down into the slot canyons. Definitely plan to re-visit and hike through them sometime.

Nice tub, good views, fits 3 comfortably and more if you're OK getting cozy. Plenty popular, especially on weekends. Please be courteous; don't camp right on top of it, clean up the area, and maybe don't party all night if there are others camping nearby.

This year was my first visit to McGee Canyon and it was one of the best spots I've been for viewing the leaves of Mono County. Each year can be a little different so maybe this was THE year for McGee but it was brilliant. The rugged peaks, the sounds of falling water, and the vibrant fall colors creeping up all sides of the canyon. The parking area fills up but since it's a short hike there always seems to be spots opening up if you're patient.


I had visited this lake 2-3 times before actually doing the loop around the lake...I had no idea what I was missing out on! This is a great loop and the views are fantastic from all sides of the lake. There's a boardwalk over all the feeder springs/streams along the back of the lake and you can see peaks not visible from the parking areas. When the fall colors are popping around the lake it's an incredible place to be.

Easy spot to get to, just off the highway a couple hundred yards. Trailhead has a bathroom and some dedicated parking. The floor of the cave is rough and uneven so take decent shoes. The cave is long enough that the middle is pitch dark so take a good light, a cell phone will get you through but you won’t see much!

Not really a parking area, find a spot along Peavine Creek Rd and take the Hobo trail. Gradual climb with plenty of offshoots, most look like OHV or bike trails. Hardly any shade, definitely more of a fall/winter/spring hike.

Moderate trail beginning at the parking area for the softball fields. A couple different paths branch out but they all sort of lead toward the N, once you’re closer to the base of the hill you can go up the left side or right up the center. Good for getting some mild elevation, watch your footing with some of the loose rocks/gravel on the climb. Great views of the city.

One of many east shore “beaches” where you can hike down and setup your own personal spot away from some of the more crowded areas. Parking is limited to the roadside pullouts. Follow the well established trail (forest service road?) and then drop down to the beach. There are restrooms which is an added bonus. Be sure to pack out all your belongings and trash!

A great trail right in the heart of south Reno, terrific views in every direction from Mt Rose to downtown. A couple of picnic tables and a gazebo if you want to take a break or watch the sunrise/sunset. No real dedicated parking lot, best option is along Huffaker Lane (near Huffaker Park) or a business parking lot off Gateway. Would be great for some in-town trail running.

This is a flat paved path around the marina, great for walking/jogging/biking/etc. There are a couple sets of sand volleyball nets, restrooms, and a kids playground as well as the occasional boat or paddleboard on the water. Lots of people out and about during daylight hours but can get a little seedy from twilight on. Some current construction as they're building what appears to be a Veterans Memorial.

This is the first introduction to Lassen NP if you’re entering from the south. It’s hard to see from the car but there will likely be people on the sidewalk talking photos. There’s a decent amount of parking and it’s a very short walk to the mud pot and overlook of Sulphur Creek. Not really a hike but worth the stop to see the boiling mud pot, closer to a thermal feature than you’ll get at Bumpass.

Great hike but be prepared for a full day. We started around 8am and it took 10 hours but we explored some other points of interest nearby, if you’re just going to the cathedral and back it should be around 6-8 hours. There will be cairns along the trail but having a map or digital route to follow is highly recommended, especially if you aren’t going up and down Fence Canyon. Save some energy for the climb back to the parking area, it’s not so bad going down with fresh legs but it feels long at the end when you’re hungry and thirsty!

I hiked this in January (low-snow year) so we didn’t need snowshoes but traction devices would have been helpful as it was icy coming down after the mid-day melt. The gate to the parking area was closed so we parked along the road and walked to the trailhead. The trail was a fairly gradual incline although you can often see the top and expect it to be harder/steeper. There was quite a bit more snow at the top and on the decent to Marlette but it’s worth the extra distance and there are Tahoe views throughout. This is a really nice hike in terms of length, difficulty, views, and payoff.

Short uphill hike to a neat waterfall. Good for all ages, near to town, and has bathrooms at the trailhead.

The most popular spot in Lassen and for good reason, it’s beautiful and bizarre and all visitors should embark on the short hike to see it. At the junction with Frying Pan trail, go either way and come back via the other trail. There’s a nice panoramic sign about the volcano that used to house Bumpass and another describing the origin of the name.

I did this prior to the Dixie Fire so it’s a bit different now. The trail is easy to the Cascade Falls overlook but if you continue down to Kings Creek Falls there are some steep sections. I’d recommend making a loop by going to Cascade Falls overlook, continue down to Kings Creek Falls and back, then come up the steps along Cascade Falls (my favorite of the two). Where Kings Creek meanders through the meadow is also quite pretty and picturesque.


This was a fun trail, it’s a pretty good incline the whole way but the switchbacks make it feel more manageable. Lots of good signage about Lassen Peak and the area, some even list the distance-to-summit which is helpful. Aside from the occasional scree/gravel, the trail was in great shape and accommodating young and old alike. Easier than Brokeoff Mtn but also significantly more traveled.

This is also a 5mi race course and it's a fun way to get some exercise, see the island, get a ferry ride, and take in the views of the surrounding bay. We got rained on a bit but it was fun and I'd recommend signing up for a race to add some excitement to your Angel Island trip!

One of the classic Zion hikes so be prepared for crowds. There's a permitting system in place now so be sure to apply before you visit. Even if you don't get all the way up, the hike up through refrigerator canyon is a great trail and if you want to continue up Walter's Wiggles there's a great views from Scout Lookout. It's short and steep!