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Alyssa Gregory

Photographer 📸, hiker 🥾, and traveler 🗺️ based in Colorado.

We really enjoyed getting drenched at Gjulfrafoss after seeing Seljalandsfoss! Thanks for the tip about finding it :)

We went to see Skogafoss in the winter although there wasn't too much snow on the ground, luckily. We did get lucky enough to have some sun, giving us the beautiful double rainbows across the falls.

Seljalandsfoss is beautiful and I was glad I'd brought a raincoat, waterproof pants and a camera cover (ziploc bag) for going behind the waterfall as you really do get pretty wet standing back there!

Always enjoy this one (except for the steep part right before the end) - the views are hard to beat! It's also nice to connect this with the Upper Hawksbill loop for a longer hike :)

This hike is very short but the incline is so steep that you're breathing hard by the time that you reach the top. It's worth it for those beautiful views!

I did this hike with friends at home in NJ. It was an enjoyable and not too difficult hike. There were some steep, rocky uphills but nothing kids couldn't do. The rock formation at the end was a good spot to have lunch.

This is a great hike which is short but offers incredible views over Lanikai Beach and the surrounding area. I should have heeded Brooke's warning and gone at sunrise or in the morning - The midday sun made this feel harder than it actually was! :P

This was one of my favorite hikes we did in Hawaii. Thank you!