Backyard Overlanders

I love this spot to campout! It seems to be a lot less crowded than all of the other campsites. Photo ops here are amazing. The night sky at Joshua Tree is always an amazing view to see!

Runyon is a great workout with great views! Parking on the other hand was a nightmare to deal with. Took over 45 min to find a spot!

Abalone Cove is a great little spot to get away from the city. There are little trails that lead down to the coves and to the shore. Make sure to catch Abalone Cove when the tides are low so you can enjoy the tide pools!

The trail was pretty easy but parking was difficult, but thats anywhere you go in LA. The views are worth the parking struggles and having an epic photo op in front of the sign is priceless.

Great little spot for kayaking and paddle boarding. Easily accessible and for those who don't own kayaks or paddle boards there's a little shop right near the entrance of the marina that will rent them to you!

Gorgeous and a must do but it's not quite as easy as it looks. Although its looks nice and calm you will have to fight the current, slippery rocks, and icy cold water. I strongly recommend a walking stick to make it though!

I loved the rose gardens! Not only was the view amazing but the scent of all the roses was spectacular as well. Great spot for picnics!

There's always alot of people visiting this site, but it's never a problem. Ample parking, a slight maybe one mile walk to the cliff and beautiful views for days!

This hike is amazing! There are actually 3 waterfalls you can climb. The last one is more of a slide you can slide down from all the moss - so much fun! Beautiful place for photography!

There are so many people every time i've gone - it sort of kills the atmosphere. Also if you're going to take a DSLR with you they make you pay a higher fee and make you take the "photographer" tour which is over priced. I went with my boyfriend to photograph this beautiful place with his DSLR and they wouldn't let me on the photography tour because I didn't have a DSLR in hand. We were forced to take a normal tour and couldn't get any pictures without people in them.

Parking can be a little tricky. Make sure you have quarters or park in a garage.