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Caitlyn Ripp

Sooo cold but oh so much fun! My husband and I both said, our impromptu trip here was one of the best activities we did on our 9 day trip! We were a little too nervous to jump from the highest peak since we could not see what was beneath the water, however some locals came along as we were packing up and we got to watch them take the plunge. From the sounds of it, the highest jump hurts the bum a bit!

We did the Tea House Challenge, started with the Lake Agnes Tea House first. I highly recommend starting here as the trail up seemed much more gradual. Start quite early, we started around 8am and the tea house was already booming. We then hiked to the Plain of 6 Glaciers. We tried to get a table but there was much less seating and nothing available. Still a great place to visit, amazing views!

We decided to do the Tea House Challenge. Started around 7:30am and hiked to the Lake Agnes Tea House first. I 100% recommend doing this hike first, and then the Plain of Six Glaciers. The trail going up to Lake Agnes is much easier than if you start in the opposite direction. Make sure you have very comfortable hiking boots. Speaking from experience, heel blisters + this trail= not fun!!