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Clayton Lukens

Feels like a different world here. My dad grew up here so I have a special connection to it. Go pick some berries or get your pumpkins. Don’t let these small businesses ever go under! They’re the heart and soul of this state!!

Great city hike!! There’s not enough city hikes in Portland so this is one of my favs. It overlooks St. John’s Bridge which is my girlfriends favorite bridge so we like to picnic up here.

My mom has had me do a couple morning runs with her here. It’s long but it’s really beautiful in the fall.

I went here by myself and put my music in and had the most serene afternoon. Free with student ID, check it out!

It’s romantic and wonderful and perfect for a Valentine’s Day date! My gf and I went and had a great evening

That elevation gain takes you by SURPRISE! Bring your poles, I’m glad my dad and I did. The view is worth it!!

We camped here about two years ago and it was fun to chat up all the PCT hikers. I’m hoping to do the PCT someday as well

We camped nearby and had a great afternoon just soaking in these springs. Super relaxing, I hope to go back one day

The abandoned lodge is fun to see and the hike isn’t too hard

My grandparents live in Bend and we’ve done this every year when we go down there and it’s always a blast. Rent a raft and have a great time! Don’t forget your life jacket.

Getting to be above the coast on the tour was so much fun. One of my favorite memories from when I was younger

The campgrounds here are great and welcoming and the beach is just a stroll away

This is my mom’s favorite area to camp. It’s full of history and fun and I adore it.

Not crowded and great to add onto a weekend in Lincoln City to get away from the crazy crowds.

This is a blast, come stay by the campground nearby and if you love Lewis and Clark you’ll love this. It’s just so fascinating to think that they actually were there

Brought my girlfriend here on one our very first dates and I’ll never forget it. It’s amazing.

This is fun for any photographer friends. Though I’m not exactly a photographer I’ve taken some friends here and they’ve gotten some dope shots in the past

My brother loves the Goonies so I go here with him to hike and explore at least once every summer. The town is so fun and it’s a guaranteed great day at the beach.

When visiting cannon beach this is definitely a worthy hike to drop by and go see!

Camping here is a PNW MUST!!! Do it ASAP!!

Been here a couple times when we’ve camped nearby. The tour of the lighthouse is super fun!!

Views of the coast and the sea salt breeze make for one of my favorite memories with my dad.

Bring poles, this will kill your legs. But don’t be scared it’s worth it!

It’s no Timothy Lake but it’s still a fun getaway for the family.