Emily Holland

Born and raised in Upstate New York, currently living in the Greater Boston Area. Lover of pups, mountains, climbing, hiking, trail running, road running, lake life, etc.

I loved this hike! I really had to push my limits and get over some fears on the way down the North slide. I would absolutely recommend going North - Middle - South and back down towards Livermore, we were really sketched out as a team going down the North slide.

This was an amazing trail with even better views. I trail ran it yesterday (June) and it was still fully covered in snow so be careful of navigation as I got turned around a few times.

This loop is pretty flat - I started out my day but just doing a trail run on it and it was lovely.

This was a short hike up to the top of a hill but the views are INCREDIBLE. I've never seen anything like it!

This is one of my favorite places in the world. I can't believe more people don't visit this amazing park.

This is a phenomenal, private hike. It is so beautiful and wasn't crowded at all.

I loved strolling along and seeing all the beautiful mansions and views from this walk. We even got splashed quite a bit from the waves, very refreshing. :-)

In the Adirondacks, this is a phenomenal hike. We were able to do it in a day and made the push for it. Lots of great views!

Loved doing this in the winter, got to see some skiers playing around as well.

Lovely, steep climb to a bald summit.

This is probably one of the best views I've seen of the mountains in the Northeast. You can see the lake and we got up there for a beautiful sunset.

We went up during the winter and found it a nice, easy and relaxing hike.

Overall, a nice, short hike. We snowshoed up and it wasn't really possible as it was very rocky, should have looked that up earlier on though.

Loved having this as part of the hike to Cannon so our group could stop and get a snack.

This is a lovely day hike with decent views of surrounding mountains. Close to Waterville Valley as well.

I love this place! Great access to so many trails and right off the highway. They have a good amount in their store on site as well.

This was a death march for me but I believe it was only because I wasn't acclimatized properly before doing it. I loved the old mining huts and switchbacks through beautiful landscapes.

I love this hike although the 2 ish miles into the Dam area is tedious on the way out. Great, long hike to a bald summit!

This is probably my favorite summit in the Adirondacks! Thanks for writing about it. :)