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Easy access and the trails are clear of snow earlier than many nearby hikes. This one is especially beautiful when the wildflowers start to come out!

An easy introduction to kayak camping if you haven't done it before. Tons of cool stuff to explore on the water and quick access to Antelope Canyon. This adventure is a must-do if you're in the Lake Powell area.

Stanley Lake was one of my favorite places in the Sawtooths. Definitely worth a visit if you're in the area!

The views from Redfish are pretty hard to beat. This is a must-visit if you're in Idaho!

The Sawtooths Mountains totally blew me away. This area is an incredible place to visit, and SO much fun to photograph!

Devils Garden is a lot more fun than I expected. We ended spending a whole afternoon climbing on the rocks and exploring the area. Just a note, this is one of the few places on Hole-In-The-Rock Road where camping is not allowed.

The scenery through the canyon along the trail is awesome. The waterfall is beautiful, but a little tricky to photograph. The best angle I found was on the left side of the waterfall. I got as far back as I could and used a 14mm to get shots looking out. This is a popular hike and it was crowded at the waterfall when I went. I will probably get an earlier start the next time I go. Tons of fun!

Such a beautiful drive! Don't hesitate to stop at all the little turnouts and explore just off the road. There are lots of small trails that originate at the turnouts that are great to explore without the crowds.

If anyone is looking for a fall hike near Salt Lake City, this one is a great choice. The fall colors are beautiful, particularly in the trees near the saddle.

If you take the early morning shuttle you can beat most of the crowds. You will also have great light for photos and better chances of spotting wildlife. This trail isn't as breathtaking as some of the other places in Zion, but it's still a great scenic hike.

Thanks so much for the night-hike tip! I did it in early August and it was absolutely stunning. The Milky Way was visible directly down canyon and was centered between the canyon walls. A truly unforgettable night!

If you're visiting Grand Teton NP this adventure is a must! The views you get from the water are incredible and there were hardly any other people on the water. So much fun!

This is a must-do in Vancouver. My expectations were high but it was WAY cooler than I expected. The bridge itself is definitely what pulls the crowds, but the Cliff Walk and the Treetop Adventure were both awesome as well. I went on a weekday and it was still pretty crowded until the last hour they were open. Around 7pm most people had left and I was able to shoot some solo photos of the bridge. I would go right when they open or a few hours before they close if you want to avoid the crowds. Give yourself plenty of time because there is a lot to do here!

This place rocks. We camped there in early March and had the place to ourselves. The bright lights on the waterfall at night aren't great for photography but they make the camping experience pretty cool. The trail behind the waterfall was closed when we were there because of icy conditions. Once the crowds were gone we put on crampons and it was easy enough to get back there, but be careful if you do the same!

The scenery is unbeatable and the facilities are great. The campground is always pretty full unless you're there in the winter. It's a great place for time lapse and night photographers as well. The light from Springdale is enough to put some glow on the mountains without too much light pollution blocking the stars.

All of these falls are awesome and they're all so unique. Skogafoss and Seljalandsfoss get pretty busy during the day but they were quiet at sunrise. Definitely bring a lens cloth if you want to shoot Gjulfrafoss or Skogafoss up close so you can wipe the spray off your lens. Gjulfrafoss is VERY wet but tons of fun! My gear got soaked in there so if you bring a camera make sure it's weatherproof.

We caught the sunset on the beach last March and it was a blast. It was more crowded than some other locations around the coast but most of the people were photographers and did a good job of staying out of each others way. I would definitely recommend wearing Neos or waders when you're shooting by the ocean because those waves can sneak up on you!



The trail wasn't very crowded in early March. We had ice cleats and that was plenty for us. Just above Magnúsarfoss there is a bridge you can cross and if you follow the trail down a few hundred yards there are a couple cool surprises.

We went in early March and the waterfall looked beautiful with a fresh coat of snow and a little sunshine. It was crowded during the day from tour buses but at night and early-morning we had the place to ourselves. If you're willing to get a little wet you can cross the river and get some unique photos from up on the hillside.

This trail is usually pretty packed, even early in the morning. I've done it twice on rainy days and that's when it was the most fun; no crowds and the clouds make for some awesome light.



This is an awesome hike in the winter. Snowshoes aren't essential but we brought them and were glad we had them. The entrance to the cave was dug out of the snow and it was easy to crawl in. The waterfall is beautiful with snow and ice surrounding it! There were still some crowds on the weekend but it was much quieter than the summer months.

It was pretty crowded when we visited (early April) but there is tons of space to spread out. Lone Rock under the stars is a lot of fun if you're a night photographer. Thanks for sharing, Tiff!

I had a chance to do this last weekend and it was a blast. At the back of the canyon we beached our kayaks and hiked farther up. It gets pretty photogenic up there and we didn't see any other people the whole time. Thanks for sharing!

I finally got to check this hike out and immediately fell in love with it. The huge rock walls reminded me a lot of Zion's narrows. Since it was a snowy day in January we had the whole canyon to ourselves. If you go in the winter make sure to dress warm and have tall waterproof boots to keep your feet dry.