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Explore Iceland's Diamond Beach

Þjóðvegur, Iceland

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Added by Kyle Szegedi

Iceland is home to many other worldly landscapes and diamond beach was definitely one of my favorites! Walk along the famous black sand beach and watch as icebergs float out to the ocean from Jökulsárlón. 

Begin by heading south on Highway 1 from Höfn towards Jökulsárlón, the drive is around 1 hour. When you reach Jökulsárlón don't cross the bridge over the river and instead pull off on the left side of the road and follow the short dirt road down to the ocean. 

Ice from Jökulsárlón accumulates back onto the beach as the tide comes in and it creates one of the coolest scenes Iceland has to offer! Definitely a great place to take a break from driving and take a quick walk.

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Explore Iceland's Diamond Beach Reviews

This was one of our last days in Iceland and it was one of the best. We just sat on the beach and watched the birds and seals. Saw a few icebergs flip which was pretty cool too.

There are some tips out there to go to the far side of diamond beach where there are less crowds. That being said, I found that the western side of the beach had far larger icebergs and the crowds weren't as much of an issue as I expected (I was there in winter, however).

Diamond Beach is a no-brainer. It's right off the road, has accessible parking, and is gorgeous to look at first-hand. These chunks of ice are so incredibly clear and free of air-bubbles and other dirty particles that they really do look like diamonds. Also, the river flowing out from the glacier is constantly carrying mini-icebergs out to the ocean. It's amazing to see!

Super easy to get to and so awesome to take pictures of. I just visited in the winter after a big snow storm so there was SO much ice! It's really something to marvel at. The larger pieces are a glowy blue color.

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