Isaac Parsons

I love massive trees, sitting on the edge of a cliff, and chasing waterfalls! I reside in the Black Hills of South Dakota, which I think is a hidden gem in this amazing world.

Whether you have a little time or a lot of time to spend in this area you will not be disappointed. It is such an incredible area with amazing views, sights and places to explore!!

This is one of my favorite hikes in the Black Hills. There are so many neat spires and other areas to explore just off the trail! The spires are magnificent!

The Aspen trees are amazing, never seen such big groves of such large aspen trees! Such a beautiful hike, you get to hike in the shade of the aspens for much of the hike!

The Arch itself is so one of a kind and amazing! the hike to get to it is a good hike, not to strenuous, but a good workout. If you go during the day you will most likely be hiking with quite a few other people, I was afraid it would take away from the experience, but the immaculate arch drowns out the people!

The climb up Moki Dugway to get to Muley Point is one for the books, an incredible drive! Then out on the cliffs at Muley Point you can do anything, hike around, explore, chills, camp, photograph. Golden hour here is magnificent!

The drive is a long 15 miles from Moab to the campground, some places can be a little rough, but if you take your time you should be fine. Once you get to the campground you will not be disappointed. The sites at then end of the campground are right on the edge of the cliff and are stunning! Definitely would camp here again!

Mount Evans is a rad mountain. It is very unique because you can access the peak 2 different ways, hiking the whole route or taking the easy way and driving nearly to the top within a quarter of a mile. One thing is, as with all mountains, be aware of the weather and how quickly it changes. Once when I was standing on the summit my hair starting standing straight up and my phone started crackling, a storm rolled in so fast, we were only on the summit for maybe 5 minutes.

My dad, brother and I did this a while ago! Had a great time doing it, we got up plenty early and caught the sunrise from above the treeline. Overall a very good hike, and not too many people if you get out early in the morning.

All the described waterfalls are easily accessible! Little Spearfish Falls is one of my favorites in the Hills, because you do have to hike to get to it, but you can stand near the top of the falls as well if you don't want to hike to the base. Fun spots to go and explore in the winter!

We stayed here in the Spring, it was really nice the campground was free! One thing to watch out for is, when it rains. When it rains the ground turns into a sticky clay gumbo that makes a mess of everything! from just walking around our campsite we would grow a couple of inches from all the mud gathering on our boots! But don't let that scare you off! It is a fantastic place to camp and a good home base to enjoy the Badlands!

If you do not have that much time in the Hills to hike and see all the sites, this is a great drive to see the area! you get so many scenic views, and some really up close looks at the granite spires that make this area so unique! You can do it in a short span of time or make it a whole day affair with stopping at trailheads, parking spots and viewing areas!

This a great spot to spend a day in the Summer cooling off on a hot day! To avoid going when everyone else goes, you can go in the mornings, like other reviewers have said, and you can also go on week days, because warm weekends can get packed. Use your judgement, it is true there are people who get hurt thinking they are invincible jumping from crazy spots!

This is a great area to explore, if you do not have a lot of time to get deep into the mountains. Very peaceful and scenic.

Great place to get outside and away from building and cars, but so simple to get to and is so beautiful. A taste of the mountains without having to travel so far.

Awesome place to get up on top of a 14'er, with little effort. Do watch out for weather coming in quickly, when we did it our hair was standing straight up from static electricity lightning came shortly after we got down.

I live minutes from the loop, and it never fails to have some kind of Wildlife! If you are lucky you might be surrounded by a herd of buffalo when you park on the road to watch them!

Easy hike, not too strenuous, nice view. We did this hike pretty much 10 minutes before the sunset and jogged and speed walked and were able to catch the sunset, and then it was easy enough to make it down in the dusky light.

The campground itself is nice, there are lots of sites. Just camped there last night (Sept. 23rd) not many other people camping so it was nice and quiet. There was also a program put on by the NPS about Elk, and after the program we got to caravan out to a different park of the park, hiked a couple hundred yards off the road, and then heard the elk bugling! It was a pretty incredible experience!

I lived in Ecuador as a child, once my dad lead a group of us on the Altar trip, including my brother and I who were only 10 and 13 at the time. We did use the horses/mules offered by some locals to make the trek easier. Well worth the trip, just make sure to pack layers and rain gear, the weather can change in a blink of an eye. Waiting for the opportunity to go back and do it again in the near future!

I took my 5th grade students on a field trip to Jewel Cave and the kids has a great time and a new experience for a lot of them. Something for everyone to learn here whether you're in 5th grade or an adult.

The Badlands really do make you feel like you are in another world! It is simply amazing!

Very good description and explanation of the Cloud Peak adventure! I did this trek last summer and hope to do it again this summer.