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We did this hike in mid-fall in early October. There was a little bit of snow in places but it was still passable. Including the detour to Williams Lake all in all I tracked the trip to be just over 8 miles. Some stretches can be a little challenging due to some loose scree but its mostly a well marked trail. I'd agree if it was covered in snow it'd be harder to follow. If you're at Williams Lake and have the time and fitness you should seriously consider this summit.

Great views of Boulder. Great short hike for a weekend morning. Or as part of a longer day. Its rad.

This place feels like something out of a fantasy novel. It is truely breathtaking. Even the drive to the pass summit is worth it, but take a hike down onto the Quiarang and it is something you will never forget. We got hit by 2 MASSIVE hail storms, which just made the whole scene even more incredible.

This is THE hike to do on Skye. If you're on Skye and you don't do it, you've missed out. Yeah it can get crowded, but go early or late, or just go - it is so worth it.

Mountains and countless waterfalls and plunge pools, what more could you want!

"It's only 4000 feet! It isn't that hard" Yes it is. Don't underestimate this hike. Granted it isn't the worlds hardest or most dangerous Hike, not even close, but people still underestimate it and try and tackle it in jeans and sneakers in winter. Having said that, it is so worth it. Ben Nevis is so significant in the UK, its cool to have ticked it off your list. There are many routes and the standard tourist route is the easiest, although it is a trudge. There are many fine ridge walks and scrambles up the Ben, that can be found with a little googling.

Right off the road and such a short hike to an amazing waterfall it'd be rude not to go and see it. It's worth the 10 minute detour.

Robert Louis Stevenson said it right! This is an awesome easy hike. We did it at sunset and it was incredible. If you're in Edinburgh, you have to hike to Arthurs Seat.

Awesome little walk that gives you great views of the city and the Firth of Forth. Lots of interesting monuments at the top too!

I've spent so many days at Durdle Door, Lulworth Cove, etc. It's an amazing place. This whole stretch of the Jurassic Coast is jammed with awesome sights with a few miles of each other. If you're at Durdle Door, don't forget Lulworth Cove, Man Of War Bay, Bats head Cliff and Stair Hole to name a few. My tip is to also go in the off season. The sun and summer brings in droves of crowds, and although it's still really nice, it can get so crowded. I like to visit early for sunrise or late for sunset in the Winter, especially when there is a storm coming in and you can watch the waves smash into the shore.

This hike will leave you breathless for 2 reasons. The altitude and the views. If you choose to do this hike you will not be disappointed. Its one of the best in the RMNP.