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Jenn Gonzalez

I live the crazy life of a full time working, suburban mom of two. It can get stressful. The times I can get out into nature settle me. That moment, when you're standing among the mountains with only the sounds of nature, are the very best stress reliever.

Loved visiting Kilgore. Note: Maybe check what time it opens before getting there because for winter, it doesn't open until 10 am which is pretty late. With the high water, the waterfall was great to photograph.

I wasn't expecting the falls to be as pretty as they are. Thankfully, numerous thunderstorms had rolled through earlier in the day so there was plenty of water for photos. The hike is easy and the view is impressive!

I may not have driven the entire length of Blue Ridge Parkway yet but I do as much as I can, whenever I can. I love winding down the road and finding little nuggets of history. Whether it is an old barn, railroad track, a pond or just a gorgeous view, the Blue Ridge Parkway has so much to offer.

I was in town for a short time and needed some time in nature. I stopped by this park for a couple of hours and had a wonderful time. I enjoyed the variety of landscapes and finding new-to-me dragonflies at the pond. I left off the 5th star because you definitely need a map to get around. Many trails aren't marked - more signs would be useful. The overlook might be nice for sunset but otherwise you only see roof tops.

I finally made it here. I had the entire place to myself but a lousy sunset so I'll definitely be back. Note: You can park near the bear sculpture and just walk up the drive way and hit the trail to the overlook. It isn't necessary to walk through the campsite.

I highly recommend this hike in light rain. The trail looks amazing and you'll be one of the few people on the trail. All the falls are beautiful.

I really loved this hike. I thought it was beautiful and when I went there were butterflies everywhere. Sometimes in groups of 6 or 7. Due to the lack of rain I didn't have a ton of water at the falls but enough for a couple beautiful photos. I prefer the loop with the Appalachian Trail as well.

This overlook is so beautiful! And the way it is situated you can basically photograph the sunrise and the sunset. The ridges are some of the best in the park.

These gardens are amazing! I really enjoyed my visit but even after two hours I didn't think it was enough time.

What a beautiful hike. I wish I hadn't been so tired from already climbing up White Oak and horse trail to really enjoy these falls. I'll certainly be back to do just the falls section.

Very difficult hike (especially from the bottom up) but what a view! Just an FYI: The park fee is always required even when parking outside of the park.

My son and I did this a couple of years ago and he loved it. It is challenging and requires good shoes but what an accomplishment. It is his favorite all-time hike and begs to go back.

My daughter and I did most of this hike and now I wish we had continued on to Haiyaha as well. This hike made her fall in love with Colorado.

I love this spot. I like to go first thing in the morning and beat the crowds. It is truly one of the most beautiful parks in Northern Virginia.

Love these falls. I can't wait to go back. I will certainly go very early though because as mentioned, it gets packed. It makes it very hard to hike back up when so many are coming down the trail. Rose River Falls loop is a great add on and less crowded.

My kids and I stopped here on our way to Brumley Mountain. We, too, had it all to ourselves. I would love to go back in the summer to wade into the water a bit or allow my son to fish.

I went there twice this past summer. I did both the Appalachian Trail/Salamander Trail and the short uphill hike straight from the parking lot. Both are amazing. The views are gorgeous for both sunrise and sunset.

This is such a fun summit. Even my kids, both fearful of heights, enjoyed this and liked that they could climb around in areas that were very safe. Plus the views are amazing.

This is such a fun place. I'd also recommend a sifter if you want to look for fossils (although there are often some there).