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I love exploring Idaho and other nearby states. I live in Idaho with my wife and three boys. I'm a full-time accountant but obsessed photographer and adventurer.

With all the rain they’ve had in Kauai, the trail is a little more difficult. But this spot is amazing! Would recommend checking it out for sure. Lots of great photo opportunities too.

Once I saw photos of this spot, I knew I’d have to photograph this pier. What I loved about it was that no one was really there. The sunrise was spectacular when I went too. Definitely add this to places to visit while in Kauai.

If you can only do one thing in Kauai, this is what I would recommend. Flying over waterfalls and the Na Pali Coast was amazing. Would highly recommend this flight!



Really an interesting spot. Most of the glass is gone, but catching a sunset here would be awesome. Didn’t make it for sunset because of time constraints, but there are many photo opportunities here.

It’s a cool spot to check out if you are going somewhere else and have some time to kill. Pretty cool to watch it go off. Saw a few turtles there as well.

What a gorgeous place. The hike up was a little rough but was so worth it once I made it there. Would highly recommend!

One of the most amazing views of the Tetons. Such an epic place. Would highly recommend it.

I caught a sunrise here after a rain storm, and the rainbows were incredible. We got a flat tire on the Going to the Sun Road because of some rocks that had fallen, so be aware of what's on the road. Regardless, it was an amazing place!

I had a blast exploring Two Medicine Lake. It was pretty windy when I went, but the sunrise was amazing there. I'd definitely recommend adding this to your list of places to go when you come.

I loved this hike. So many cool things to see along the way too. Such a great waterfall.

I loved walking around the nature trail here. So many different compositions you could get. I'd highly recommend coming here if you go to Glacier.

I caught an awesome sunset here, and it's a really cool area. Definitely worth a stop here. It's a really cool pier to photograph too.



I had a blast exploring this area. Great adventure, and it was very easy to find. Loved seeing all the seals here too. Would definitely recommend you check it out if you're ever in the area. Lots to explore.

I caught a sunrise here and loved it. There was a surf competition going on that was fun to watch as well. It's a great and safe beach for your family too. The seashells are much better here than at any of the other beaches I went to as well if your children are into that thing. Loved taking photos here too. Awesome pier and beach.

Love this waterfall and the hike up to it. It's a good long hike, but isn't too bad until the last stretch up the mountain. 👍🏻

Such a cool spot. Can't go wrong with the Tetons and an old cabin. Definitely recommend checking it out. Make sure to have snow shoes on you.

I went here for the first time last year and loved it. I took my minivan over to it, and it did just fine. Such an amazing place to go, especially at sunrise when the water is calm. Definitely recommend going here.

Wildlife photography is something else in Grand Teton National Park. It's amazing, and the wildlife is pretty unique. It's really easy to pick out wildlife in the snow too. I love how few of people there are in winter too.

One of the coolest ocean spots I've ever been too. It was secluded, and I had the whole area to myself. La Tour was an awesome site. To top it all off, a white whale surfaced straight up out of the ocean while I was photographing the ocean. I'd highly recommend this great adventure.

Skiing here is an awesome experiences, because how often do you get to see beautiful mountains while cross country skiing? Be aware that the Tetons like to hide during winter months, so try to come on a clear day in order to enjoy the view of the Tetons.



If you want to see Niagra Falls, but can't make it to New York, check out Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls. I went there for the first time last year and had some tourist tell me they had just been to Niagra Falls, and they thought Shoshone Falls was more impressive. Pretty interesting. This adventure is great and helps you know what to do while you're there. Definitely check this place out.

Once I got into photography, I was dying to head over to the Sawtooths to get some photos. This is a great adventure, which shows that there are many places you can get awesome photos. If you're ever near the Sawtooths, make sure to take some time and check them out.

People may think Idaho is just potatoes, but they haven't seen the Sawtooth Mountain Range. Redfish Lake is one of the coolest and easiest spots to catch a sunrise of the Sawtooths. I went there for the first time last year, and it was beautiful. I'd highly recommend this adventure to anyone that loves to camp and also wake up to beautiful views.

I stayed in La Jolla this last summer one night and came across this adventure on the Outbound. It's such an amazing place. I tried to go at sunset, but the place was packed with photographers. I came back at sunrise the next morning, and I had the whole place to myself. I'd highly recommend checking this place out at sunrise and sunset.