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These are some of my favorite arches in the NP and only a short walk. This parking lot will likely fill up early so get there during the off hours to make that easier

This is a nice stop if hiking down the trail to see some of the larger arches and an easy arch hike if you are not feeling doing multiple miles!


This is a great hike in the Fall for sure. While walking down just remember you have to make your way back up too! It was not easy! The waterfalls are a nice added bonus.

This is an easy walk to a great viewpoint. If you go during the fall the view is really spectacular with the colors.

This is a nice loop. If you want to extend it you can also backpack in as long as you are off of the private land that is surrounding the actual viewpoint. The picture from the top of the cliff is kind of a classic one.

This is one of the most popular areas in the Finger Lakes and for good reason. The path is well paved for the most part but there are quite a bit of steps so be prepared for that.

This is a scenic canyon with various stops along the way. Not too much trail hiking but if you are into fishing, climbing, camping, or picnicking it is a nice place to spend the day.

This is a great viewpoint. To the north is the large beach and to the south are the "trolls" There is a lighthouse as well. Something to note is the rough road getting up there. We did it in a honda fit like vehicle, but I remember it being considered a rough road. Meaning if we got stuck there with our rental vehicle we were liable!

These falls were quite impressive, but also very accessible. If it is sunny you might be able to catch a rainbow!

This was my favorite stop along the golden circle. There are beautiful trails surrounding the geyser and if you get up to the high point you have great views. If in June the lupine will be blooming as well.

This is a nice stop if doing the loop, but we did not spend too much time here. The history is cool and there are trails around to walk, but if done again I would skip this stop.

This is a cool little stop if you are doing a loop around the peninsula. The formations are interesting and there is a nearby monument as well so you can see a few things with one stop to make the most of your time.

Between here and diamond beach you can really spend a few hours watching wildlife, icebergs and the waves. Beautiful place.

This was one of our last days in Iceland and it was one of the best. We just sat on the beach and watched the birds and seals. Saw a few icebergs flip which was pretty cool too.

We went up the the trail that took you to the glacier overlook and then worked our way west on trails to go down to the various falls and historical buildings. It really made for a good loop and took up the majority of the day.

This is one of those things that I am not sure you can see many places elsewhere in the world so if you are coming to Iceland go here! Amazing rock formations on the left and an expansive black sand beach. Dress according to other reports though!

These falls were my favorite next to Bruarfoss which is unfortunately now closed to the public. The falls are super accessible and a short walk. You can go back underneath the falls as well which gives a different perspective

The waterfalls around Iceland are amazing, but like others have said spread this one out. You can see all of these in a day, but in order to make the most of you time maybe make each fall a goal and then find things to do around them to spread the time and driving out.

This is a good place to spend the day in order to break up all the beach going. Good to spend a few hours at and take pics!

The rainforest is a pretty wild place and this is a great place to go and explore to mix up your trip. From what I remember it was crowded, but only at concentrated places like the waterfalls.

This is a great place to stop when exploring San Juan. I remember there being quite a bit of walking so for those less apt/able to walk there are buggies and buses to help with some of that. Definitely a lot of kite flying on the lawn in front as well!

Walking the streets really adds some history to the trip. Its interesting seeing the sites that span a few centuries and the buildings are all so colorful

This is a great place to paddle around. If you want to make a float out of it you can put in by the dam and take out at the next point down river. We saw all kinds of animals and very few people

This is a pretty cool drive if you have a stock AWD/4WD high clearance vehicle. Going down from the top would be doable without AWD/4WD but it can get a bit slippery going up! There is tons of climbing in the canyon as well so if you're into that you can really make a day of it.