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Margaret L

If you love otters, this is the place to go.🦦 The otters like to rest here in the kelp beds. The best is when the babies are out. Walk along the path, towards the jetty, to see big waves crash. Great seafood nearby to grab a bite. On the other side, a big beach to watch the surfers brave the waves.

We were hoping to come across some elves, but instead found ourselves on a lovely raised board walk: A path the meanders through the elfin forest that is made up of native plants of the area. It made for a pleasant afternoon and easy walk. Parking is available on site also.

Two surf spots in one. A fun peaky beach break that gets pretty good at times and a left hand reed break called “Tarantulas”. This wave can hold up to triple overhead! So watch out. I would consider this an intermediate to advance surf spot. It’s wind prone so go surf early.

One of my favorite botanical gardens. So much to see and so many varieties of trees, plants, and flowers. They even have several California native plant cultivars that are now in nursery production. If. You want to see what native Californian plants look like, this is the place to go.

A classic Santa Barbara hike. Amazing views of downtown Santa Barbara and of the Channel Islands. And as the name suggests, there are 7 waterfalls, along the length of the hike. Along with the waterfalls, there are amazing swimming holes. So, bring a bathing suit and a sense of adventure. Although with climate change and the droughts, this might change sadly.

Experience coastal California as it may have been 200 years ago. There’s plenty of wild camping at secluded coves and beaches. However, access is quite challenging. You must pack in and pack out everything, including water. Don’t be surprised if foxes come and sniff you at night, if you’re sleeping without a tent. Remember to leave not trace so the island can stay as beautiful as it is.

I would say a great ride if you happen to go on a day there isn’t any wind. When you think you’ll be able to ride the wind you were fighting, on the way back, the direction changes and you’re still fighting the same wind. Also, parts are along the freeway. Not a fan of breathing in the exhaust fumes.

Short for “California Street”. Something for everyone. High performance wave up top. Slow logger wave through the cove. Choose your own adventure. Can get lined up when it’s big. Paid parking lots also.

Punchy beach break peaks. Inside of Ventura overhead. Parking is in the highway. Prepare to share the parking with campers and RVs. Crossed up peaks…go left…go right. But don’t snake Seal Tooth. Can be fun when other places aren’t working.

As good as it gets and is a regional classic! Watch the crowds though and be ready to share the waves. Right hand point break. Multiple sections. Just ask Tom Curren!

Architecture was amazing! Love the gardens!

Great experience all-around. Very nice to visit in the off-season as it wasn’t crowded. This was definitely my favorite and fewer people. Make sure to bring your own towel and bathing suit so you don't have to worry about renting one.

Make sure to take a lot of water and a hat. No shade. Ne sure to bring some for the pups if you decide to bring them along. They get thirsty too and the sand can get hot. We took our pups out in backpacks, to make sure their paws didn't get burned.

Spectacular views as a reward for an easy hike! A gentle path takes you up to the top. You can see where the climbers tie up their ropes, to climb up. Definitely worth the trip.

Point Dume is an great place to spend the day climbing. Right on the beach, there is with easy access to the climbing routes. During or after climbing, take a dip in the ocean! Dogs are not allowed on the beach. 4 stars because it can get crowded on the weekends, so climb during the week or get here early enough to set top-rope anchors. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see California gray whales from December thru April.

If you’re lucky when you’re hiking here, you’ll see a rainbow! And if it happens to be a unicorn day, you’ll see the rainbow complete into a giant closed circle! If you’re not used to the humidity, that I can get kind of tough. So, bring lots of water. A windbreaker will be helpful to on the windy days.

There are no set trails here so you can go out and straight into the dunes. They are a lot farther than they look so it may take a while to get there to the perfect spot to take a photo. If you go in the middle of the day make sure to bring a hat wear sunscreen and lots of water. No services out in the dunes. But once you get there and find the right spot the views are epic!🤩 it can get cooler once the sun goes down so make sure to bring layers.

Joshua is just filled with so many trails and it’s so much better when you’re exploring with your friends. Joshua trees as far as the eye can see and if you’re lucky you might actually see a ram but you can miss them if you blink! Stay on the paths and leave no trace.

If it happens to be a wet winter, look real close and you’ll see that the crater is carpeted in tiny wildflowers! The only way to see it is if you do stop and smell the flowers. My camera didn’t do it justice, and wish I had a micro lens.🔎🔎🔎🔎🔎🔎🔎🔎🔎🔎🔎🔎🔎

Not only fun to say, but also fun to explore! The trekking around the craters are quite a workout. Make sure to bring lots of water. Wear sunscreen and make sure to wear a hat. It’s called Death Valley for a reason. If you decide to hike down the crater, your quads and calves will thank you later! Going down is fun…it’s the coming back up that’s a whole other story. It’s all loose gravel and sand. It was my first hand experience of one step up, two steps back.

From the moment you arrive, it’s A+. Beautifully groomed snow, to the friendly staff, every moment here was first class. The slopes were not overcrowded and the views up top were amazing!

This is a hidden staircase in Echo Park that is good for a cardio workout. Make sure to cross the street at the top for an amazing view of downtown. This is the stairway at the corner of Baxter St and Avon St. a moderately challenging route, it takes an average of 8 min to complete. This is a popular trail for trail running and walking, but you can still enjoy some solitude during quieter times of day.

No swing as of 2/27/22. Just a stick hanging from the tree. View of DTLA is great from the top. Trail is rocky and slippery so make sure you are wearing the right shoes. There are a few parking spots, up the hill. Be careful, getting to the trailhead. You will need to walk along the road, down the hill, to get to the beginning of it. There will be cars that you will need to share the road with.

You can feel the amount of water and power that flows from these falls. The scale and surrounding area is vast. Fun to explore and walk around it to get different views of the falls.