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Margaret L

Didn’t get it see any whales but saw lots of otters and dolphins. I think I would freak out if I saw anything bigger than a dolphin, but definitely going to give it another go!

This section of PCH if far less traveled, but it can still get busy during the weekends. If you can, explore on a weekday and the roads are better to travel on.

Less crowded than Muir Woods! Such a magical place to hike amongst the giant redwoods! Since you’re in the trees, I’d you’re here during the cooler months. But a wonderful relief if you’re here during the summer.

And these aren’t even the big ones! I biked up to this location and it was magical! Spend some time tree bathing and it’ll be well worth it to be amongst the ancient trees! A lot less crowded that the other areas where you will find the giant redwoods.

Can get crowded, but great views of the bay. If you happened to be there during Fleet Week, this is the best place to see the Blue Angels! It’s a if you can reach up and touch them!

What a wonderful way to explore the bridge and Sausalito! Talk about up close and personal! I’ve done this route a number of times and it never gets old. Make sure to wear layers as it can get pretty windy and cold.

A lovely place to picnic, with the iconic SF view. A wonderful place on a sunny day, to layout on the grass. Plenty of room for everyone!

Love this spot with all the wonderful plants and flowers. A treasure in the middle of the park! If you’re in the Bay Area, put this on your to do list!

As much as you don’t want to be a tourist, be a tourist! So cool to see it in person! I could stare at it for hours!

Definitely a place where there’s a lot of tourists and not enough parking spaces. Be prepared to find it hard to get around and also there are signs everywhere that say no dogs allowed. Not a place for Fido anymore.

It’s gotten so busy here there are usually at least half a dozen people taking off on the same way. Not like it used to be. Too many people surfing who don’t know the rules of surfing so be prepared to watch out for kooks snaking waves.

So nice to have something so close by! Great place to camp, but be prepared for it to be crowded on the weekends. Camping spaces are first come first serve.

If you come to Surf, or just hang out here, make sure to have a watch and bring lots of quarters! Keep track of the time and the parking meters, because you’ll get ticketed pretty quick. Parking can be tricky but there also is a parking garage if you prefer to park that way.

Have fun hike when you’re with kids. I went with my niece and nephew, and had fun pointing things out along the trail. It can get pretty busy at times, so be prepared to see lots of people, dogs, and even horses sometimes.

Who knew this was even here! I usually go straight to the beach, but decided to try this one day. A wonderful trail with lots to see around. Definitely a must try if you’re in this area.

Did not run this as title states, I walked it instead. If you can run it, kudos to you! I only gave this three stars because it can get quite busy at certain times of the day. There’s only so many traffic jams I could take while living in LA.

I did this trail starting in the morning, but continue to mid afternoon. Great trail with different paths to choose from, but make sure you bring layers, a hat, water, and hiking sticks which help on the steeper parts. Some parts of the path that are in the shade of the hillside and can be pretty cool in the mornings, but when you get to the sides, where it’s exposed to sun, I can get pretty hot by mid day…especially during the summertime.

This trail is a lot less crowded than the ones that are close by. Unless, of course, people start reading this post! It’s a shorter hiked in the others, but well worth it when you get to see the views.

Did this trail using my hiking sticks. Nowadays, I feel better when I hike solo to have these with me in case I encounter urban wildlife. Griffith Park has been known to have many coyotes, so be on the lookout. They won’t hurt you, but if you have a little dog in tow, it would be best to be aware of what’s around you.

A short set of steps, but close by to other ones that are nearby. These and other set of steps were part of a system of staircases that connected the residents, that lived in the hillside neighborhoods, to the Red Line cable cars, that used to offer public transportation to the Angelenos, which unfortunately, no longer exists.😕

Right smack dab in the middle of the Eastside of LA, off of Sunset Blvd., are these short set of steps where you can get a quick workout! Blow off some steam a stress, going up and down them…easy peasy!

Secret steps through the neighborhood! You’ll pass some homes on both sides, but the stairs open up to some amazing views of the Hollywood sign and the Griffith Observatory. If you decide to walk the steps at night, and you’re with a dog, make sure to have a flashlight and possibly some pepper spray. There are neighborhood coyotes that have been wandering around so you want to make sure that your little pup is safe!

Cute little park in the middle of Dartmouth. Hilly and steep so be prepared. Great views of Halifax Harbor, so grab some takeout and enjoy the view from one of the benches or picnic tables dotted around the park.

Cute little park if you’re waiting for the ferry or just want a little break to have a snack. A great place to see a beautiful view of Halifax Harbor.