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Margaret L

I find the cycling in Copenhagen is the best! We accidentally came across this and thought it was the most amazing thing. So many fun things to do and it was quite a challenge to go on it with our bikes. Apparently, during the summer time, there are many people that are jumping off and swimming around this. A great place to hang out and people watch.

Take the time and stop wherever you see the black sands. More than likely, you’ll discover something new, that’s not on any Instagram page…and far few tourists. We’ve stopped on many random places and even in the middle of the road, with no one around. Truly amazing!

When do you ever get to walk behind a waterfall?!!! Such a wonderful experience! Don’t let the tourists stop you from exploring this area. Take the time to look around. You’ll see the tiniest plant life all around!🌱

One of my favorite waterfalls in Iceland! Make sure to bring some rain gear because you definitely get wet when you get closer. Hard to take a photo without it 1000 tourists in it. But still worth a visit.

Since I was traveling solo, I took the cable car to the top and back down again. Amazing and beautiful views of the coastline and the city. Make sure to bring layers because it can get pretty breezy at the top.

Great place to people watch and see all the volleyball players play in the different courts. Serious volleyball players for sure. But often times, you can ask to join in and many are happy to accommodate. Definitely wear sunscreen, bring a hat, and water. Exposed and no shade. I usually bike to this area because nearby parking is difficult or a trek.

I’ve always heard about this trail, but never tried it until now. What a lovely little walk and surprisingly right in the middle of Hollywood! If you’re ever in the area, definitely give it a try.  Super chill and easy. But if your hair during the summertime, make sure to wear a hat and sunscreen, and bring some water.

What are surprised to find this little park. This area desperately needed some breathing space and this park provides that for the locals and the neighborhood. There are a number of picnic tables that you can enjoy a small lunch or coffee and they even have bike racks, if you decide to buy care. Parking can be difficult but if you look around, you should be able to find some spaces in the neighborhood with a small walk. Keep in mind if you decide to bring Fido, to either keep him on a leash or at least pay attention to what they are doing. When I visited, a couple let their gigantic dog run crazy and into the areas I am sure no one is supposed to be trampling…including trampling me.🥴

Had no idea this set of stairs even existed, had I not taken a detour in the neighborhood. Beautiful, murals, and lovely native plants surround the staircase. At the time I went, since the bottom of the stairs, drop you off to a dead end, there were people exercising in the cul-de-sac. Keep in mind, this is in the middle of the city, so there still is plenty of graffiti. Regardless, still a beautiful piece of urban artwork that you can enjoy if you visit this place.

A fun, protected trail, that takes you along the LA River. I prefer the Southern portions, just past the Fletcher Dr underpass, because it moves away from the freeway. You will find a number of cool little places, to stop and have coffee, and a recently opened bridge, that has overlook points on either side. At night, it is dimly lit, but you can hear frogs and other wildlife that will keep you company.

One of my favorite places to visit when in Copenhagen! The themes and decorations change, during the different, special, holiday, seasons. This makes it fun if you are lucky enough to visit more than once. My favorite ride is the wooden roller coaster. If you only have time to ride one ride, this is a must! The entire place feels like walking into a fairytale!

What a great experience visiting this little organic farm! The farmstand that’s on the property offers produce that is grown on the land and is pay what you can. All around the place are informative signs and educational experiences. They even have chickens! Stop by if you have the time and you’re in the area.

There are definitely many places to explore in Long Beach, and this is definitely one of them. Lovely paths that meander around the lagoon where you’ll be certain to spot all types of birds. Native plants and flowers along the edges, that attract butterflies and bees. There’s also a playground for kids to have some fun.

What a surprise to encounter a piece of transportation history! Redone into a wonderful path that leads to the Colorado Lagoon. This is hidden amongst the residential areas, so keep a lookout for this hidden gem!

This is definitely on the tourist maps by the look of the crowds that surround the fountain. But, this fountain has been featured in numerous films and fun to see in real life. Make sure to throw a coin over your shoulder (a super hard throw depending how deep the crowd of people are) into the fountain because myth says that will bring you luck and making sure you come to visit again.

This is definitely on the tourist maps by the look of the crowds that surround the fountain. But, this fountain has been featured in numerous films and fun to see in real life. Make sure to throw a coin over your shoulder (a super hard throw depending how deep the crowd of people are) into the fountain because myth says that will bring you luck and making sure you come to visit again.

Like most things you’ll find in in the city, there will be tourists everywhere. Thus only giving this four stars. But, when you get to the top, you’ll be rewarded with the most amazing views of the city. Make sure as you’re climbing up to get to the view to enjoy what’s inside the duomo also. As with most sightseeing spots, best to get here early to try and avoid the crowds.

I like with most places since the pandemic, this place is gotten pretty busy. One of the bigger ski resorts up in the area, but on the weekends, it can get pretty crowded. If you can manage to be up here during the weekdays, it’s a lot better. Let’s all share the slopes and be kind to each other. There’s plenty of mountain for everyone!

This has always been one of my favorite things to do when I’m up in Lake Tahoe. During the summers, you’ll get beautiful views of the lake, but make sure to watch the traffic. Since the pandemic, it’s gotten pretty busy up here and a lot more people out and about. most of the ride is flat, but you’ll encounter a few hilly spots, but nothing you can’t handle. Take some time and enjoy the views!

Always a great place and definitely on the to do list if you’re in the area. Super fun, hillsides to sled, and the area is wide enough to accommodate a lot of people. So no worries about crashing into one another. Definitely family friendly and you know you’ll get a bunch of laughs if you spend some time here.

Always a great place to come skiing, but can get pretty crowded these days. I suppose most of the slopes in the area are pretty crowded now than what I remembered years ago. If you are in the area, definitely one of the places to stop and play in the snow.

Great spot to go skiing. It’s also known for a great place for beginners to learn how to ski or snowboard. So, be prepared if you’re a more seasoned skier, because there will be more newbies on the slopes.

If you’ve driven out this far, it’s definitely worth it to take your time and soak up the views. The rugged coast lines of this area don’t disappoint. As it is with most of this area  it can get pretty windy, so make sure to be ready for the wins. Wear layers, bring your camera, and take your time.

A great flat sandy beach with wonderful views! It can get pretty busy here on the weekends and plenty of chairs around, so don’t expect a private place to yourself. Still worth a visit because it’s so close to the center of the city.