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Rachael Westergard

Mountain Bike Leaders Park Trail

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

1.6 mi / 170 ft gain

Hike to Spirit Mound

Vermillion, South Dakota

1.4 mi / 114 ft gain

Mountain Bike Kiwanis Trail on Lake Mitchell

Mitchell, South Dakota

1.8 mi / 95 ft gain

Hike Otter Stream Trail

Canistota, South Dakota

1.2 mi / 45 ft gain

Paddle at Lake Alvin

Harrisburg, South Dakota

Hike Abbott Trail

Madison, South Dakota

2.7 mi / 95 ft gain

Walk along the Sioux City Riverfront Trail

Sioux City, Iowa

10 mi / 164 ft gain

Hike up the Ocheyedan Mound

Ocheyedan, Iowa

0.3 mi / 59 ft gain

Hike the Willow Creek Park Trail

Ocheyedan, Iowa

0.6 mi / 13 ft gain

Hike Five Ridge Prairie

Westfield, Iowa

4.8 mi / 790 ft gain

Photograph the Falls at Falls Park

Sioux Falls, South Dakota


Hike Great Bear Valley Trail

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

1 mi / 68 ft gain

Explore Devils Gulch Park

Garretson, South Dakota

0.5 mi / 29 ft gain

Photograph Sheep along Kebbler Pass

Crested Butte, Colorado


Hike the Clay County Park Nature Trail

Vermillion, South Dakota

2.1 mi / 68 ft gain

Camp at Palisade State Park

Garretson, South Dakota

Ed Winkel Memorial Trail

East Holman, Iowa

8.4 mi / 154 ft gain

Walk the Sioux River Red Rock Trail

Dell Rapids, South Dakota

2.6 mi / 49 ft gain