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Rachael Westergard

Manatees are truly amazing and swimming next to them is a surreal experience. They really are gentle giants. I would highly recommend doing this if you're ever in the area!

Great way to end your day in Florida. The sunsets always seem to be perfect, and Clearwater Beach is a perfect spot to get some great pictures and see some awesome colors.

Seeing these trees up close is incredible. We hiked this trail and were in awe by their beauty. The trail wasn't too busy, and we only came across a few people and a few forest workers. Definitely recommend!

My friend and I hiked this trail up to the top and got some amazing pictures from the top of the waterfall. I have never been somewhere so green and so majestic.

These falls are incredible to see, and unlike a lot of American parks, you can get as close as you want. Just be careful! The flat backdrop to these falls makes for an incredibly scenic stop along the ring road.

This place has so much history. This is the place to go if you want to learn more about this nation and how it started. This is definitely a bucket list place to visit.

This trail goes through many neighborhoods, shopping areas, and wooded areas. Some of the areas can be pretty populated, but for the most part, it's a nice trail that you can walk on for a long time.

Pretty simple trail that runs along the lake and into Des Moines. It's not the most "nature-y" trail but its nice to look at the lake and be so close to downtown Des Moines. If you're in the city, I'd recommend checking it out.

We took the shuttle to Maroon Bells and got some awesome photos while trees were in full color. If you’re into photography, check this place out for sure.

We went here in the winter on a foggy day and it was beautiful. The trail gives great views as you climb elevation!

We saw so many elk on this trail! Keep your eyes out, because there may be some nearby! Beautiful trail, perfect to see wildlife.

My cousin took me here for a workout while visiting, and let me say, it was tough! Be ready for lots of stairs and a high cardio workout.

It is so fun to watch people surf these big waves. I have a lot of respect for them! We spent over an hour just watching. Enjoy the ocean sounds and entertainment!

Our condo was near this beach so we came here often. Beautiful area that’s somewhat sheltered, but be careful of the rocks. I ended up cutting my foot, so just look out!

Scenic falls near Duluth that aren’t hard to get to. For reference, we brought a toddler and did just fine getting to the falls. Worth a stop!

Pretty easy trail that travels along the ocean and through wooded areas with lots of different types of trees. If you’re in Virginia Beach, it’s definitely worth a stop to walk around and be in nature.

We camped here two nights in the summer, and one night was perfect camping weather while the other night was so windy at one point our tent was being blown down so hard it was touching our faces. Be prepared for wind, but enjoy the beauty!

I went here as a kid and thought seeing real reindeer was the coolest thing ever! Great wildlife in a pretty natural setting. Worth a stop, especially if you have kids!

Hands down my favorite drive ever. Alaska is incredibly beautiful, and this drive showcases it perfectly. Watch for whales, mountain goats, moose, beard, and so many more critters. You’ll see it all on this trip.

Roll down your windows and take in the scenery. Moab has incredible views, and the drive let’s you take it all in.

A moderate hike to get to the arch. Takes a bit of time, but we had fun taking handstand photos under the arch once we made it!

The kids loved this trail and searching for fossils. Bring sunscreen because it gets pretty hot and sunny, but fun little hike!

Sunsets at the canyon are incredible. Bring your camera and enjoy the amazing colors!

The red rock mixed with the white snow makes for an awesome view and a different perspective than the typical Grand Canyon photos.