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Born and raised in Central Pennsylvania exploring the beautiful outdoors by foot and kayak and spending the nights under the stars. I'm typically planning my next adventure before the current one ends and of course enjoy a good beer in the process.

Fred Woods Trail has one of the best features in the state, ROCK CITY! The trail is a great hike with two vistas, but the highlight is exploring the rock boulders. These huge moss covered boulders are like a rock maze to explore.

Elk are an impressive and majestic animal! There is a great chance that you will get to see one close up when going to the visitor center. Make sure to check out the nearby Winslow Hill viewing area. Like the author stated, the best time is during the rut so you can also experience the bull elk bugle!

I visited the falls while backpacking the Pinchot Trail. This is easily the highlight of the trail. It's a great waterfall for photography and the area offers many different angles to shoot from.

This is a beautiful lake, it's fun to paddle the kayak around as well as fish. It's a nice spot for photography especially in the morning or evening.

Although I haven't through hiked the LT, I have backpacked and hiked most of it. It is an amazing trail with many features! There are many ways to do short hikes or link trails for short overnight trips if you don't have the time to knock out 59 miles at once!

This is a simple short hike that is family friendly. It is a beautiful area and the run has several small picturesque cascades with the highlight being Cottonwood Falls.

Smith's Knob is a great hike and awesome view of the valley. I also like to do it as a lollipop loop, coming down the other side of Smith's Knob and using a connector trail to loop back to the LT.

This is the shorten family friendly version of what could be a longer and loop hike. This is well worth the visit with a family or you just don't have the time for the longer hike and want a somewhat quick out and back. Absolutely beautiful area and falls to experience!

The Haystacks and Dutchman Run Falls are two great features of the Loyalsock Trail. It is a great hike, and the Haystacks offer a different experience depending on the water level of the Loyalsock Creek. In low water if feels otherworldly!

This is a nice little section of trail with a good little workout in the climb. I have also used this combined with Double Run, Loyalsock Trail, and a red X trail to make a longer loop hike around the Worlds End area.

You have probably seen photos and it is well worth the stop to see for yourself and snap some shots and get your own take on the mill. It does draw in the people, so be prepared for some crowds.

There is a beautiful campspot among the trees near the knob. It's a great place to enjoy views during sunset and sunrise and to do some astrophotography!

Where else can you visit two lighthouses at the same time! If you are a lighthouse person, make the stop, it a nice area to explore around.

This is a beautiful lighthouse and beautiful area. If you are walking the short trail up to the lighthouse, be prepared for mosquitos! I walked in took some photos and ran back to the car, I have never been around mosquitos so bad!

One of those places you have seen the photos, and you want to see for yourself and capture your own image. It's a worthwhile visit, but like most of NYC, has the potential to be crowded.

This hike has been on my radar for awhile and I finally explored Frozen Run. I used the GPS coordinates and played connect the dots and thoroughly enjoyed exploring the area. It can be challenging at times since there is no trail, but that was expected.

If you are driving the Icefields Parkway, this is an easy stop and well worth the time. Absolutely beautiful and an iconic location.

We hiked this while exploring Jasper, we hiked down along the canyon and then one of the higher trails back which also give some descent views.

Pyramid Lake is absolutely beautiful, I visited in May and the surrounding mountains were snow covered reflecting perfect reflections in the water. An amazing place!

If you google the GET, many results will say the best day hike in PA and it really is one of the best if not the best. I highly recommend this hike and my personal preference is to hike counter clockwise.

The trail is named for a local legend, google his name, learn about him and then hike this trail and enjoy some beautiful views.

Angel Falls is an awesome spot just off the LT, but Falls Run is very seasonal. I have been to Angel Falls when it wasn't much more than a trickle, visit in early spring or after a good rainfall. If the area has been dry, it won't be much more than a large cliff.

I'm from the eastern U.S., this drive is absolutely mind blowing. The views are non stop the entire drive and combine that with countless adventures that you can stop and take in. I'm not sure anything can beat this road trip!

If you are looking for a super easy waterfall in the area to visit, this is your spot. You can see it as you are driving to it on Dry Run Road and it doesn't take away from it's beauty, it's a gravel road back road to an awesome little waterfall.