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Margaret L

I prefer this part of the beach, and at the busier Huntington Beach. Too many people up there but here you’ll be able to find a secluded place to call your own. Bring a picnic in a blanket and watch the sunset.

If you’ve never done this drive, definitely make a point to spend some time and go out of the way and do this route. So beautiful and a picture perfect reason why they say California has one of the best views of the Pacific Ocean. The roads can be windy, so watch your speed and be mindful of the others on the road. You’ll be tempted to want to stop at every curve because of the fantastic views!

The highway patrol is no joke around here. This beautiful section of the drive is pretty amazing, with some of the views you get to see. Just be mindful and watch the speed limit. Make sure you’re within the limits because they will get you even if you’re just a little bit outside of of it.🥴

Definitely a place to take photos of if you’re in the area, but be mindful that during the summer seasons, it can get pretty busy on the roads. Also, during the rainy seasons, which are few but fierce nowadays (because of climate change) there could be a number of mudslides and road closures. So make sure to check the maps to make sure you’re not stuck or can’t access the bridge.

This is always a fun place to stop if you’re traveling along PCH. There are two areas where you can park. If the larger one is full, you can always drive up a bit to the second lot, which I always usually find to have more spaces open. The path is marked with a boardwalk and has interesting interpretive signs that educate you on the elephant seals that are all along the beach. Make sure to stick to the path because there are areas where there is a lot of poison oak, so watch out!

This is always a fun place to visit! The rooms and the gardens are all so beautiful. My favorite parts are the pools, especially the one that’s inside! Take a look on their website for tours where the guides are dressed in period clothing of the time, which makes it extra fun!

A great place to take a break as you’re traveling up and down the coast. Walk out on the pier and more than likely you’ll be able to see some type of sea life, like a seal and possibly a whale during migration seasons. If you happen to bring your pooch, make sure to have it on a leash and bring poop bags. Please pick up after your dogs. During the Spring, you’ll see all types of wild flowers along the way.

What a lovely little place to spend an afternoon! Wandering around the water and finding little places to just rest and have a small picnic or grab a bite at one of the local eateries close by. This place is definitely a must to visit if you’re in the area. There is also ample parking spaces all around. It can get pretty busy during the summer times, but still worth it to stop by.

Such an amazing view, and worth the effort to get to the top! So beautiful during the fall, when the leaves are all changing! Make sure to bring layers and lots of water. There are some parts that are a bit strenuous, but definitely worth the effort at the end.

Such a beautiful place to explore! A peaceful secret in the middle of the city. And situated right next-door to the Brooklyn Museum, which is another great place to visit. Best time to go, as when all the cherry blossoms are in bloom! You will not believe the side you’ll see!😍🌸

If there’s only one photograph you’ll take a while you’re visiting here. This is the place to take it!  If you go in the middle of the day, the roads are pretty quiet and you’ll be able to take a shot in the middle of the street without worrying about being run over.

They make it easy to cross the bridge, so if you wanna get to Brooklyn and you want to try something different, be adventurous and cross the bridge. It’ll take you straight into the DUMBO area where there are plenty of places to eat and things to see.

A great way to see the Manhattan skyline. As they say, the best view of New York City is from this side. It’s also fun to ride a bike across the bridge so if you ever come to visit New York, make sure to take this trek.

Like in every movie or postcard you’ve seen of this bridge, there’s no place or angle, that doesn’t photograph beautifully! Nighttime is the best because of all the lights!

One of my favorite places in New York City! It’s amazing what they can do with it an amazing abandoned space and tracks. A great place to catch a sunset later in the day. You feel transported to a completely different place and you’re still in the city!

Didn’t get it see any whales but saw lots of otters and dolphins. I think I would freak out if I saw anything bigger than a dolphin, but definitely going to give it another go!

This section of PCH if far less traveled, but it can still get busy during the weekends. If you can, explore on a weekday and the roads are better to travel on.

Less crowded than Muir Woods! Such a magical place to hike amongst the giant redwoods! Since you’re in the trees, I’d you’re here during the cooler months. But a wonderful relief if you’re here during the summer.

And these aren’t even the big ones! I biked up to this location and it was magical! Spend some time tree bathing and it’ll be well worth it to be amongst the ancient trees! A lot less crowded that the other areas where you will find the giant redwoods.

Can get crowded, but great views of the bay. If you happened to be there during Fleet Week, this is the best place to see the Blue Angels! It’s a if you can reach up and touch them!

What a wonderful way to explore the bridge and Sausalito! Talk about up close and personal! I’ve done this route a number of times and it never gets old. Make sure to wear layers as it can get pretty windy and cold.

A lovely place to picnic, with the iconic SF view. A wonderful place on a sunny day, to layout on the grass. Plenty of room for everyone!

Love this spot with all the wonderful plants and flowers. A treasure in the middle of the park! If you’re in the Bay Area, put this on your to do list!

As much as you don’t want to be a tourist, be a tourist! So cool to see it in person! I could stare at it for hours!