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Margaret L

Over a period of 30 years, a man named Amir Dialameh, created this Secret Garden, on a steep hillside, in Griffith Park. It is a beautiful oasis with a variety of plants and trees, that provide needed shade, that the hike up to this area lacks. You’ll find a cozy little bench and small areas to sit and admire the views of Los Angeles. Near the entrance of the garden, you’ll find a spigot and a dog bowl usually filled with water. But the last time I was there, the spigot wasn’t working.😕 Thus the minus one star rating.

This trail is easy peezy. Easy access and lots of parking all around and it took me about an hour, at a moderate pace, to get through the loop. You can also explore the old ruins of the LA zoo which is kind of creepy but cool at the same time. It’s a popular trail and you’ll encounter a lot of people on it, so if you have dogs, make sure they are on leash. Bring water and enjoy the loop.

Beautiful beach and unofficial bird sanctuary. Marked paths with interpretive signage dotted all around. Picnic tables and Porto potty bathrooms. Some paid parking but you can easily find parking along the road. Just be careful of the traffic on PCH. Great for bird watching!

Lots of wildlife! If you like wildlife, especially ducks and geese, come here. But if you don’t, DON’T! They are everywhere! 😳🤯 No place to escape and poop everywhere! So watch your step! A small parking lot and parking on the street. Public restrooms water fountains are also found there.

A great protected pathway off the actual road and away from cars. Shaded in some spots and there is even an exercise area with workout machines. Water filling stations, bathrooms, and benches all around. Easy parking off the streets too. my favorite place for a quick workout.

Elysian Park has plenty of trails and green space to picnic and play. Plenty of parking, picnic tables, barbecue pits, and restrooms. Make sure to check the calendar during baseball season, because Dodger Stadium is right there and the Dodger traffic can be a pain. If you’re hiking the trails in the middle of the day, make sure to wear sunscreen, a hat, and bring lots of water. There are also active wildlife, coyotes especially, so make sure to watch your dogs and walk them on a leash.

Make sure to wear good shoes here. You don’t want to trip with all the lava rock around. No shade, so bring a hat and water. It can get pretty hot here during the day.

Great quick workout with a little incline that helps make it feel like you’re actually getting a workout. A secluded loop that takes you around the park. The are a few stairs to navigate also, for a quick stair master workout. The paths are clearly marked and a number of trees for shade. The trail is about a 1.6 mi loop and took me about 35 mins to complete. Secluded and away from the more crowded loop around the Rose Bowl. Dogs are welcome, but must be on a leash.

First time I came here I was alone and it was kind of creepy, so I didn’t go all the way. Came back with a friend the next time, earlier in the day, and it was better. Keep in mind, it can get pretty hot so make sure to wear sunscreen and bring water. Great places to picnic at the beginning of the trail and great views of the bridge in Pasadena. Lots of parking too and if you’re inclined to, take a few laps at the aquatic center nearby.

A surprise loop that takes you through a variety of environments. Easy and anyone can do it. You would never know that there was a place like this so close to downtown Los Angeles. Parking on site but small.

A piece of nostalgia! Watch the movie “An Ache in Every Stake” before coming to the stairs. You can see what has changed and what has stayed the same. Simpler times and lots of fun! A bit steeper than some of the stairs around, but they have short landings, you can take a breather on.

The history behind these steps makes it for a great experience. Beautiful views at the top and bottom. Do the loop around the lake and another great workout! If you decide to walk along the homes, there are many mid century modern homes, by architect Neutra, you can drool over!

Looks like the Stairs have been repainted! The graffiti has been removed from the steps themselves, but a lot of the ones along the fences still remain. Please note that it is an urban environment and be respectful of the people whose homes border along the stairway.

Fun to see how the area has changed or stayed the same. Watch Laurel & Hardy’s film first and it give you a whole different perspective!

Too many places to take pictures! Great art, great gardens! Sculptures can be found, dotted around this walk, with great views of the cityscape.

PROS: Great place to camp. Lots of nooks and crannies to call your own. No cell service. CONS: Gunshots in the background. Used toilet paper everywhere. People, PICK UP AFTER YOURSELVES AND LEAVE NO TRACE BEHIND!

Great little campsite. Best place to see the stars at night. No city light pollution to interrupt your viewing. Close to fun trails. Would be good to bring you own shade. Can get pretty hot and exposed, so would be a good idea to bring your own shade.

It’s fun to be a tourist in your own city. This is amazing piece of artwork that everyone should see if they’re ever in Los Angeles. It’s in a neighborhood that most people don’t usually come into, but well worth a while to see this. The surrounding grounds are also designed very well with informative graphics all around the area.

You definitely need a high profile vehicle to get through some of these trails! But definitely worth the experience! Some parts need some spotting to help navigate some of the rocks, but I will take you up to verses and views that are breathtaking! Make sure to be fueled up and have recovery gear just in case.

Amazing night skies! No need to worry about light pollution here. It’s so quiet you feel like the only ones out unless there’s a group of people who came out to boulder.

Just the name makes you want to eat a whole basket of buttermilk biscuits! So many climbing spots and bouldering spots. You can tell by all the chalk marks that you see on the rocks. Parking along side the road are identified by some rocks that you can see where other cars have been parked before. Make sure to wear lots of sunscreen and take lots of water it can get pretty hot in the middle of the day. Not much shade outside of the shade that the boulders give you so pay attention when you’re out there. The sunset light looks so beautiful against the rocks. A definite place to go visit if you’re in the area!

Definitely a must see if you’re ever near the area. Great information and actual barracks that were used to intern Japanese Americans, just because of the color of their skin. Artifacts and exhibits of how life was. Sobering to see the memorial of the ones that were buried there. You can even see the difference of how the Asians were living versus the foundations of the “white administration” that were “watching” them. You’d think we would’ve come a long way since then. But it doesn’t feel like much has changed, when you hear the recorded accounts of the survivors.

Best time to go is early in the morning. Easier to find parking and the sunrise is amazing! If going in the summer, it's much cooler then.

Make reservations way far in advance. Each campsite has a fire ring and picnic table. Flushing toilets and showers to boot! Close to hiking and biking trails. Has fun collecting driftwood on the beach. One big downfall is gambling on your neighbors. We had loud, rowdy ones, that only knew screaming on the volume dial. Left the city only to have it follow us there.🫤