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Margaret L

You can definitely smell the sulfer! But worth a visit! The landscape is unworldly and you feel like you are on another planet!

I was expecting more from this place. I was sad to see the ice melting. Will there any be left in the near future? We happened to go when it was raining, so there weren't as many people around. Best to go later in the day, when it's not so busy.

Two weeks was not enough for us. We barely scratched the surface, with all you can see in Iceland. Not to mention all the waterfalls! Take your time and stop at every one. It's well worth the effort!

Make sure to bring waterproof clothes! You will want to get up an close to this massive waterfall. You cna hike and climb the stairs, to get a different view of the falls, up top. But the money shot is down below. It can get pretty busy, so getting a photo without other people, is pretty hard. But still take a pic to make sure you can brag about it when you get home.

Distinctive Icelandic black sand and massive waves crashing into the shore are a sight to see! Until you see them in person, they just don't seem real. Unlike the beaches you find in Bali and Hawaii, the Black Sand Beach, the stunning surrounding views and cold wind blowing against your skin, is definitely a place to visit and a must on the bucket list.

If you want to be surrounded by a bunch of tourist, being cooked together, in blue soup, this is your place. I preferred the Mývatn Nature Baths. Similar experience, with fewer people, and kind on the bank account.

What a backdrop for pictures! Beautiful iconic mountain, on the north side of the island, just as the peninsula begins. There is a parking lot literally off the ring road. It is a bit of a trek from the parking lot, but well worth it. Beautiful views of the mountain, from every angle, in the background.

Neat views, sandy marked trails, with a camping site nearby as well. No water and pit toilets. Paid parking available. Overall great hiking spot for a desert feel. It gan get hot so be prepared.

Love that it is so close to LA. But, there are too many flies! We are in nature, but the flies were even driving my dogs crazy. Be prepared for them and you'll be fine.

The beauty the sea offers, as the sun goes down is AMAZING! The water becomes so calm, it turns into a mirror, and reflects the night sky. Just remember, to not go into the water. Highly toxic and filled with pesticide runoff. If you look closely to the shoreline, you will see evidence and the bones of thousands of dead fish.

A mile from the Pacific Ocean, Los Liones Trail goes up a canyon, at the south end of Topanga State Park. You can see Santa Monica Bay from up there. If you hike for about 1.3 miles, the trail arrives at a clearing, on a ridge, at a bench that looks down on the Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, and the ocean beyond!

Clean facilities, nicely spaced campsites. It was nice to see the dear walk through. Please be mindful of others when running a generator. It’s so quite here that the sound of a motor ruins it.

Beautiful trail, with amazing vistas and views. I had my trusty hiking sticks and they helped immensely. Make sure to take plenty of water, wear sunscreen, and a wide brimmed hat. An epic hike you won’t forget!

This is a great hike when you want to have a place all to yourself. Take hiking poles, because some areas can be steep. Convenient parking, bathrooms, and a drinking fountain, right off of the parking lot. It can get hot, in the middle of the day, so go early. Wear layers also. The shady parts are cooler and the exposed areas are hot.

So much for garden gnomes and pink flamingos, the rusty dinosaurs are the thing out here. You can’t miss them. You’ll find them right next to the roadside. Oftentimes, there will be the elusive Homosapien taking the obligatory selfie with them.

In the odd years, we’re not in a drought and actually get some rain, it is a MUST to visit the Carrizo Plain. Everywhere you look, the land is covered in a carpet of wildflowers, you never thought was possible. A good reason to be kind to the planet, so we can experience more of this. Be mindful and keep your vehicles on the road, and walk on the paths, as tempting as it may be to find the untouched flowers.

By far the best place to see the elephant seals. In the Spring, you’ll be able to see the pups along the beach too. The trail is easy and are filled with wildflowers along the path. To preserve the local vegetation, stay on the paths that are clearly marked. Dogs are sadly not allowed. So, Fido needs to stay home on this visit.

The sand seemed to go on forever. The hike was hot, so bring lots of water and a wide brimmed hat. You are definitely exposed to the elements out there. But once you get to the top of the dunes, the struggle to reach it was well worth the effort.

By far my favorite campsite of all time. You get to camp amongst the fruit trees. Deer would come through, grazing on the grass. The best was that you can see stars for miles, at night, because there isn’t any light pollution from nearby towns.

VIEWS THAT WILL MAKE YOUR HEAD EXPLODE! Never could I have imagined how amazing this place was. Every second of every minute, we wanted to stop and take a picture. Our photos don’t do the views Justice. A must see in your lifetime and once will never be enough! Just make sure to stay on the marked paths and leave no trace behind.

If you’re lucky to come here during a super bloom, you definitely will not be disappointed! The most amazing scenery all around. Make sure to bring a wide brimmed hat and lots of water. It can get pretty hot out.

A surprise loop that takes you through a variety of environments. Easy and anyone can do it. You would never know that there was a place like this so close to downtown. Parking on site but small.

We had to drive by a couple times, before we found them. If it wasn’t for some climbers nearby we wouldn’t have found them. If you’re lucky, you’ll see people around and then you’ll know you’re close. Well worth the search for them!

Look but don’t touch! The water may be beautiful and tempting to take a dip in, but it’s toxic from years of pesticides sprayed on the nearby farms. The dust that can kick up, when it’s windy, can be harmful also. ☠️