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Sami Smith

Great place to spend the day. You can get to the lake on a quad or side by side… maybe a keep if you know what you’re doing. There’s a pretty decent hill at the beginning that would make getting a vehicle up tough. You’re able to walk around the lake and very doable for kids of any age

I’ve done this one a lot, either on the way to or from another hike since it’s short and easy. There’s an upper and lower falls, it splits about a mile down the trail. The upper has better views of the falls and easy access to the water.

Super cool trail! The kids love exploring and going through the crack in the ground. Some areas you have to come out and go around unless you want to rock climb. The road to it makes you think you are going the wrong way… you’re not. It’s very bumpy and washboarded but I promise if you keep following the road you see the parking area! Bring a light jacket as the temperature drops a lot down in the crack

This is a great hike and a butt kicker! I like that you can loop it and don’t have to go out and back the same trail. Remember when you’re “done” you still have to hike back up to the parking lot!

Perfect place for those who can’t or don’t want to walk that far to take in the views. Bring some binoculars and watch the people climbing up the walls!

Beautiful hike along the river. Wide dirt path with some paths down to the river. Worst part is the trek back up to the parking lot haha

You are not able to park at the actual trail head, so you’ll have to hike in from where they close it off. Aside from that, the falls look absolutely beautiful in the winter and well worth the trek in!

Beautiful and shaded trail up along the creek, take your time and enjoy the sound of the water running and the views of the multiple waterfalls you see along the way

Took my niece and nephew up this trail and we loved it! Nice and shaded and a handful of waterfalls along the way

Can’t go wrong with the River trail! Nice place for an easy walk with pretty views all along the way. The pups love to cool off in the river too 😁

Great area to hang out and relax or take a nice peaceful stroll along the river

Great place for the family to take a walk along the river. There are many places to go off the path to go down to the river as well

This is often a fairly well used loop for those that live in the area and ride from the house. You’ll run into hikers, bikers and dirt bikers

These are all used by hikers, mtb, and dirt bikes. Be prepared to step off the trail if needed. A lot of these trails are cleared by your local dirt bikers every spring

Easy family friendly hike. You can hike around the lake as well, it is pretty up and down. Great places to set up camp all around the lake. The road in (if you don’t park by the blossom trailhead) is very brushy and very few places to pass people.

Beautiful lake with one of the tallest peaks in north Idaho sitting behind it. The trail is closer to 4 miles round trip and it is a climb. Some spots being easier to climb on all 4s. Nice spots for camping and hammocks

Nice short moderate hike. Beautiful in the spring with all the wildflowers. Great views overlooking the lake

This is a great alpine lake, nice camp spot at the lake with a fire ring. Popular trailhead as you start snow and bottleneck at the same place and it splits off down the trail a bit. Remember you’re in bear country and be prepared to change your plans. We’ve been grunted at on 2 separate occasions. Once near the beginning of the trail and once at the lake.

This is a pretty popular backpacking and hiking trail due to it being shorter. The lake is beautiful and there are toilets at the trailhead

I did this when the trail was still covered in snow. Great hike, the last push up the rock to the lake is slow going, but worth the effort. Absolutely stunning when it’s covered in snow.. but be prepared for some wet feet on the way back. The last little section to the lake is a swampy and deep in the snow

Popular area because the main lake has a wood boardwalk around it. The upper lake is a short 2 miles in, mostly incline but not too bad. Some pretty nice and roomy campsites around the upper lake as well

This is one of my favorite hikes! The hike into pyramid isn’t bad, the trail up to ball lakes is a bit of a climb but so worth it. There are some great views looking down at pyramid lake as you are heading up to ball lake. It has become more popular over the years but still a great hike

This is a popular hike and sections are a little hard to pass people since it’s an out and back trail. That being said, I’d absolutely go again! It was one of my favorite hikes and I wish I had more time to explore and enjoy it. The walkways connected to the side of the rocks were really cool and different from other hikes I’ve done

Short trail to the lookout. You can continue further as well. You get an incredible view from the top and it’s crazy how blue the lake is, it seems unreal! The trail is dog friendly and usually not too busy